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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Aasmaa to get trapped in Alia’s evil plans

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Udaariyaan is a popular show on Colors TV that never fails to surprise its viewers. In the next few episodes, we can expect some intense drama between Alia and Aasmaa. These two characters will engage in a fierce competition, but the question remains: who will come out on top?

In the previous episode, Aasmaa announced that she would cook her first meal using a wood oven. However, Alia faced difficulties while trying to light the fire. In the midst of this, Aasmaa heard Raja’s voice and hurried outside. Meanwhile, Armaan advised Raja against riding his bike. This triggered memories for Alia, as she had previously asked Raja to take her to the temple on his bike. Unfortunately, Raja ended up dislocating his shoulder.

When Armaan confronted Alia about her actions, she acted innocent and then went on to provoke Raja against his own family. Armaan, realizing Alia’s true intentions, expressed his concern to Aasmaa. Although Aasmaa agreed with him, she couldn’t reveal the truth to him. Later, Raja comforted Alia, leaving Armaan worried about Raja’s well-being. Aasmaa advised Armaan to control his anger, understanding the complexity of the situation.

In the upcoming episode, Aasmaa will fall into Alia’s trap. Alia will lock her in a room and manipulate the situation in front of the other family members. She will make it seem like Aasmaa tried to harm her. This will infuriate Raja, causing him to lose control and accidentally hit Aasmaa on the head. Now, the big question is whether Aasmaa will be able to help Raja in this difficult situation.

To find out what happens next, make sure to stay tuned to for more updates on this thrilling storyline.


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