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Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Bhanu and Subhadra indulge in a conflict!

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Vanshaj is gearing up for more entertainment as Yuvika finds herself surrounded by problems at the office.

In the latest episode, Bhanu reveals Shanti Prashad’s will to Subhadra and urges her to read it carefully. According to the will, all of Yuvika’s expenses, allowances, and savings are the responsibility of Bhanu and Dhanraj. Bhanu believes that their father must have thought this through while writing the will.

Subhadra questions if Bhanu is reneging on his commitment. Bhanu explains that he can’t go against their father’s instructions. However, Subhadra is determined to fight for her rights and refuses to back down under any circumstances.

Bhanu angrily reads the contract clauses and accuses Dhanraj of signing a disgusting contract. He suspects that Dhanraj did this as a way to seek revenge from Yuvika. Dhanraj clarifies that he did it to protect the company’s shares.

Bhanu suggests that they find a solution within the Mahajan group, as another failure would be detrimental. He trusts Subhadra’s capabilities and believes that the workers might have a solution.

Meanwhile, Neel takes Yuvika to their factory, where she is surprised to find the workers’ wives and family waiting for her. They express their disappointment in not being informed about the packaging issue earlier. However, they offer to take matters into their own hands and ensure timely delivery by doing all the knitting themselves. Yuvika is overwhelmed by their support and expresses gratitude towards Neel.

In the next episode, Dj will try to create problems during the delivery process.

Will Yuvika be able to overcome the challenges and make the deliveries on time?

To find out what happens next, keep watching Vanshaj.


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