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Aangan Apno Kaa 13th December 2023 Written Update: Sumit’s allegation shocks Pallavi

Aangan Apno Kaa 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode kicks off with a tender moment as Pallavi opens the room door, only to find it empty. Overwhelmed with regret after a disagreement with Jaydev, she bursts into tears. Monty, concerned, inquires about the cause, and Pallavi shares the details of their fight. To her relief, Jaydev appears. Pallavi, still emotional, hugs him tightly. Jaydev, unaware of the reason behind her tears, questions her and inquires about her presentation. Pallavi, upset by his lack of response to calls, scolds him. Their banter continues as they both complain about the communication gap. Jaydev reassures Pallavi of his well-being and promises not to leave her. To lighten the mood, he suggests making pickles and leads her to the kitchen.

Later, Deepika and Tanvi visit Jaydev’s house to spend quality time. Pallavi and Deepika playfully tease Tanvi for forgetting to order sweets for Jaydev. Banter ensues about Pallavi worrying too much. Deepika and Jaydev join in teasing Pallavi, causing her to feel upset. Jaydev, however, affirms Pallavi’s importance and pride in their lives, bringing a smile to her face.

Tensions rise when Tanvi brings Aastha’s camcorder to the forefront. Pallavi, visibly distressed, takes a call from Ruchi and excuses herself. She informs Ruchi about missing her birthday party. Jaydev encourages Pallavi to attend the party and enlists his daughters’ help in getting her ready. Pallavi, feeling uneasy, retreats inside, followed by her sisters. Deepika and Tanvi express gratitude for Pallavi’s care, allowing them to focus on their married lives. The lighthearted banter continues, with Jaydev reminding Pallavi to attend Ruchi’s birthday celebration.

The story takes a turn at Ruchi’s party when Pallavi attracts unwanted attention from a guy named Sumit. Misunderstandings arise, leading Pallavi to slap Sumit, assuming he’s stalking her. However, Sumit reveals Pallavi’s own actions on a matrimonial site, leaving her shocked. Apologies follow, but the incident leaves Pallavi deeply unsettled.

Back at the party, Jaydev is joyfully dancing, unaware of Pallavi’s ordeal. When she confronts him for sharing personal information, a heated argument ensues. Amidst the disagreement, Pallavi experiences abdominal pain, prompting Jaydev to rush her to the hospital. Despite initial resistance, the doctor praises Jaydev’s understanding of women’s health. The episode concludes on a touching note as Jaydev and Pallavi share a moment over ice cream, expressing their deep bond.

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