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Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 13th December 2023 Written Update: Aradhana compares Reyansh-Jai’s love

Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Bhakti trying to talk to Aradhana, but Aradhana tells her that she has already made her decision. Jai decides to leave, but Aradhana stops him and asks him to listen to her first. Aradhana explains that both Jai and Reyansh are willing to do anything for her, but they have different approaches. One person respects her feelings and allows her to express herself, while the other person is completely different. Aradhana wants to live a happy life, and finding both love and a soulmate in the same person is rare.

Aradhana acknowledges that Reyansh understands her to some extent. However, she questions Reyansh for asking her to ignore society’s opinion, as her parents, friends, and well-wishers believe that he is not the right person for her. Reyansh stares at Aradhana, and she tells him that she will always love him, but his love is toxic. She doesn’t want that kind of love. Aradhana mentions that she has seen her mothers fulfill their responsibilities in their marriages, and she wonders if Kadambari, her mother, would have been happy if she had lived the life she wanted. Comparing Reyansh’s love, which turned him into a dangerous person and caused harm to others, with Jai’s calm love, Aradhana asks Jai if he is still willing to marry her. This shocks Reyansh, and he questions Aradhana’s sanity. Aradhana mocks him for failing to understand and respect her feelings and confidently chooses Jai. Bhakti is overjoyed and brings garlands for Jai and Aradhana, symbolizing their union.

Neeta tries to stop Jai and Aradhana’s wedding, but they refuse, asking her to accept it for Jai’s sake. Neeta becomes upset. Aradhana holds Jai’s hand and proceeds to the wedding altar. Jai asks Aradhana if she is sure about her decision. Aradhana says that only time will reveal the truth and takes her place in the mandap alongside Jai. The wedding rituals begin, and Aradhana cries uncontrollably. Akash asks Neeta to be happy for Jai and accept his decision, despite her disappointment.

Meanwhile, Reyansh remembers Aradhana’s challenge and tries to approach the mandap, but Bhakti stops him and takes him away. She insists that there is nothing left for him there. Aradhana carries out the wedding rituals with tears in her eyes, while Reyansh reminisces about their moments together, feeling heartbroken.

Jai and Aradhana’s wedding ceremony concludes. Jai requests Neeta to accept their marriage and respect Aradhana. Although Neeta expresses her disappointment, she blesses the couple. Aradhana says her goodbyes to her family and leaves with Jai. In a flashback, it is revealed that Jai bribed the priest.

Later, Aradhana is alone in a room when she hears the door opening. Thinking it’s Jai, she asks him not to expect an intimate relationship from her, as she cannot accept him as her husband. However, she promises to fulfill her responsibilities as a wife. To her surprise, Reyansh enters the room, leaving Aradhana shocked.

In the next episode, Reyansh refuses to let Aradhana forget him, while Malini shares her happiness with Aradhana. Aradhana is left shocked when she sees Reyansh hurting himself.


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