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Dabangii 11th December 2023 Written Update: Ankush gets into a heated argument with Satya

Dabangii 11th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Dabangii begins with Bela confronting Ankush for breaking Sai’s fixed deposit. Satya tries to convince Ankush to take up a job. Satya takes Ankush aside and advises him to take care of Arya, stating that he needs this job. Ankush agrees and promises Bela that he will take the job.

Bela leaves, and Satya realizes that Arya is Ankush’s weakness. Satya indirectly taunts Ankush, expressing his hope that God protects Arya from him. Ankush warns Satya never to even think about hurting Arya.

Arya notices Satya’s presence and questions him about being there. Satya makes a comment about Arya and leaves. Meanwhile, Ankush’s father asks him why he took up Satya’s security job when he had his savings. Ankush explains that Satya wants to see him fail, and he will not allow that to happen.

Arya informs Ankush’s father that she is going to sleep and walks away. She recalls Tanmay’s words and decides to go to the garden to find the lost ring.

In the middle of the night, Arya sneaks out of the house, leaving Ankush worried. Ankush wakes up and realizes that Arya is not at home. He goes outside to search for her. Tanmay and Sai witness Arya heading towards the garden and believe that their plan has worked.

Ankush confronts Satya, demanding to know where Arya is. Satya claims ignorance about Arya’s whereabouts, leading Ankush to grab his collar and threaten him.

Arya enters the garden, and the dogs there start barking at her. Satya continues to make sarcastic comments about Ankush while Ankush insists that Satya reveal Arya’s location. With the help of the dogs, Arya finds the ring she was looking for and expresses her gratitude to them before leaving.

Satya tells Ankush to go and find Arya and leaves. Arya appears and asks Ankush if he was looking for her. Ankush questions her about where she went, and Arya explains that she learned from Tanmay and Sai that Bela lost her ring in the garden. She went there to find it and returns the ring to Bela, urging her to go back home.

Ankush interrogates Arya about who told her about the lost ring. Arya reveals that she overheard Tanmay and Sai talking about it. Ankush questions Tanmay and Sai, but they deny it. Bela asks Ankush to stay away from Sai and takes her inside the house.

In the upcoming episode, Tanmay gets scared when someone sneaks up behind him. Arya notices this and laughs at him. Tanmay threatens Arya, mentioning his mother. However, Arya decides to teach Tanmay a lesson.

And that’s how the episode ends.

Precap: Tanmay is frightened by someone standing behind him. Arya witnesses this and teases him. Tanmay, in turn, threatens Arya using his mother. Arya resolves to teach Tanmay a lesson.


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