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Dhruv Tara 2nd December 2023 Written Update: Antara gets to know Surya’s feeling

Dhruv Tara 2nd December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with a servant telling Shaurya to eat, but Shaurya refuses. Antara learns from the servant that Shaurya hasn’t been eating anything. Antara then shares the good news that Dhruv has safely arrived home. Hearing this, Shaurya suddenly feels hungry and decides to eat.

Bhavosa tells Surya that every six months, he disguises himself to observe the people of his kingdom. Surya expresses his desire to know everything about his people, which would bring him satisfaction. Bhavosa calls Antara and suggests that Surya should take her along. However, both Surya and Antara refuse. Bhavosa acknowledges that there has been a strain in their relationship because of Dhruv, and advises them not to involve a third person. She then urges Antara to go with Surya, as it would help her understand her husband’s plans for their kingdom. Bhavosa requests Surya to take Antara with him, mentioning that he hasn’t taken her anywhere since their marriage. Antara agrees to go, and Bhavosa hopes that this will help resolve their differences.

Antara assists Surya in wearing a batch of Kanhaji on his shawl. She asks Surya why he was awake all night at the temple. Surya explains that he didn’t want to disturb her and risk her getting hurt. Antara suggests that he should wake her up, and even if she does get hurt, he shouldn’t leave her in that condition. Surya reassures her that he will always be there to help her through any difficulty. He apologizes for his previous misbehavior and promises not to speak to her loudly again. Antara appreciates his apology but wonders why he’s being kind to her. Surya asks her to get ready, as he is waiting for her outside.

Surya and Antara disguise themselves and visit the village to meet the people of their kingdom. They learn from the villagers that everything is going well under the grace of Maa Bhavani and their king. The women of the village warmly welcome Antara. Surya approaches a shopkeeper to buy bangles for his wife, which surprises Antara. Surya explains that he wants to support the local businesses and keep smiles on people’s faces. Antara is delighted and accepts the bangles. However, she discovers a letter in her bag that Surya had written in a drunken state. The letter reveals Surya’s love for her and his eagerness for her reply. Antara recalls Bhavosa’s advice and remembers how Surya had saved her at the temple. She contemplates accidentally falling for him but decides that she wants to be in a relationship with Surya. Antara prays to Kanhaji, expressing her unwillingness to marry Surya. She then informs Surya that she wants to discuss an important matter with him.

Meanwhile, Sona and Chandi notice Meenakshi interrogating the servants about Dhruv. Meenakshi desperately wants to find Dhruv and vows to spend her entire life searching for him. Sona remarks to Chandi about Meenakshi’s increasing desperation. She also mentions that their plan would have been successful if Meenakshi hadn’t fainted.

As Antara is about to ask Surya about the matter, dacoits arrive in the village to loot the people. Surya warns them to leave, but they demand that Surya and Antara give them everything they have. Antara urges Surya not to fight, considering the presence of women and children. The dacoits mock Surya for being defeated without even putting up a fight. They demand the batch from Surya, and Antara supports their demand. Impressed by her intelligence, the dacoits compliment Surya’s wife. Surya initially refuses to give up the batch, but the dacoits are determined to take it by force. They order their men to loot everything and point a sword at Surya. Surya begins fighting the dacoits, managing to kick one of them who tries to snatch the batch. During the fight, one of the dacoits attempts to attack Antara, but Surya protects her and gets stabbed.

Precap: Dhruv brings Tara’s mother to the 17th century.


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