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Dhruv Tara 9th December 2023 Written Update: Bheera is after Dhruv

Dhruv Tara 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Surya suspecting Rajmata’s true identity as she doesn’t seem like a servant based on her appearance and behavior. Curious, Surya decides to follow Rajmata to find out more about her. He discovers that Rajmata is speaking with Dhruv and tells him that it’s best for him to leave Devgarh. Surya overhears their conversation and realizes that Rajmata is Antara’s mother.

Antara is feeling confused and prays to Kanhaji for the well-being of Meenakshi and Dhruv. Shaurya notices that Antara is upset and decides to give her a head massage. While giving her the massage, Shaurya falls asleep. Surya confronts Antara about hiding many secrets from him and vows to reveal them all to her. He insists that she confides in him, as he is the only person she can trust with her past.

Surya walks away, leaving Antara worried that he may discover that Dhruv is her husband. Meanwhile, Rajmata and Dhruv continue their conversation until Surya interrupts them. Surya informs Dhruv that he was searching for Antara in the Rajmahal because he knows that she is Rajmata’s daughter. Surya greets Rajmata with respect, acknowledging her as the queen of Vallavgarh. Rajmata accepts his greetings. Surya tells Antara that she should have at least informed him that Rajmata is her mother. He reveals that he overheard the conversation between Dhruv and Rajmata. Antara explains to Surya that she knows Vallavgarh and Devgarh are rival states. However, Surya defends Rajmata, stating that she is not an enemy but a guest. Surya questions Rajmata about her disappointment with her daughter. Rajmata explains that after the earthquake, Vallavgarh was completely destroyed, and her daughter decided to start anew without informing anyone from her past. Surya expresses his pride in Antara’s decisions, understanding that she had to make them in her current circumstances. He requests Rajmata to stay with them, assuring her of their respect and honor. However, Surya confesses that he cannot inform Bhavosa, as she still considers Vallavgarh an enemy state.

Surya asks Dhruv how he knows that Rajmata is Antara’s mother. Dhruv reveals that he learned about Rajmata through his wife. Rajmata confirms this and mentions that she knows all about Dhruv and his wife’s story.

Meanwhile, Bheera, Sona, and Chandi disguise themselves and arrive in Vallavgarh. Sona and Chandi begin to argue, but Bheera reminds them that they are here to gather information about Dhruv. Bheera informs them that if they succeed in obtaining information about Dhruv and his wife, Bhavosa will declare him the new king of Vallavgarh.

Surya expresses his hope that Meenakshi’s love will heal Dhruv’s wounds. Rajmata also prays for Dhruv and suggests that her sister would be a perfect match for him. Dhruv questions Surya about hiding the fact that Antara is not a Brahmin girl but the queen of Vallavgarh. Surya explains that Devgarh and Vallavgarh have been enemies for a long time, which is why he kept it a secret from everyone in Devgarh. He didn’t want any negative impact on their relationship. Surya takes his leave with Antara.

Later, Dhruv tells Rajmata that Tara seems upset. Rajmata advises him to focus on his own life and leave the rest to Tara. She assures Dhruv that she wants the best for him. Dhruv enters Antara’s room and takes a mangalsutra from a woman working there. He recalls Tara’s words about Surya and Shaurya. While trying to pick up a fallen dupatta, Dhruv discovers his painting on a wooden slab. He also finds a kite and remembers Tara’s statement about being far away from him. Dhruv realizes that Tara still loves him and has kept all these belongings. He contemplates whether to end his life or resolve the misunderstandings between him and Tara.

In the upcoming episode, Dhruv decides to end his life, but Tara arrives to save him and confesses that she still loves him.


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