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Doree 10th December 2023 Written Update: Anand’s plan backfired at him

Doree 10th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Doree begins with Doree noticing a baby in Daima’s hand and asking her to stop. It turns out to be Komal’s baby. Daima tries to hide from Doree, leaving her wondering why she was holding the baby. Kailash Devi gives the boy baby to Raj and Komal, instructing them to return home while she takes the girl baby with her. Mansi wonders why Kailash Devi seems calm now and hopes nothing happens to the girl. Meanwhile, Daima is spotted by the people of Basti and the inspector, who surround her. The inspector informs Kailash Devi about a theft, but she is unaware of it. Ganga Prasad brings the newborn girl and reveals that Daima had stolen her and attempted to flee. Fortunately, Doree arrived just in time and saved the baby. Anand, who hasn’t committed any sins in the past six years, is shocked to learn that his mother is also trying to harm the girl baby.

Daima pretends to apologize and the inspector questions her about why she abducted the baby. Daima lies, claiming that she stole the baby to sell her. The inspector demands the name of the person who hired her to kill the baby, but Daima refuses to reveal it, fearing for her son’s life. The inspector warns them to behave and keep an eye on Daima, stating that if anything happens to her, they will be considered suspects. The inspector emphasizes that the girl baby deserves to live and be given an education. Anand urges Kailash Devi to take the baby and promises to raise her. Doree also encourages Kailash Devi to raise her like a queen and offers to teach her how her father treated her.

Mansi expresses her gratitude to everyone for their help, acknowledging Doree’s efforts. She praises Ganga Prasad for raising such a precious girl. Anand brings sweets for the people of Basti, but secretly plans to harm Doree. However, his plan fails when Doree reveals that Vansh didn’t allow her to touch the car and offered to get the sweets himself. Anand is shocked by this revelation and chases after the car when he realizes Doree is inside. Ganga Prasad notices the situation and tries to stop the car, with Doree and Satho’s help. Anand eventually helps Vansh out of the car, but Doree manages to escape once again.

In the upcoming episode, Anand instructs Neelu to burn the clothes.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Episode end.

Precap: Anand tells Neelu to burn the clothes.


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