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Doree 7th December 2023 Written Update: Kailash Devi fumes with the rage

Doree 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Neelu informing Mansi that someone found her baby in the river Ganga, but unfortunately, the baby did not survive. Only a few people know about this. Neelu assures Mansi that she won’t reveal the truth to anyone. Mansi offers money to Neelu to keep her quiet. Meanwhile, Komal, who suspects that there is more to the story, decides to uncover the truth. Neelu asks Anand if he has discovered what his wife was doing behind his back. She explains that she kept the truth hidden to earn his trust. Anand is confused and demands to know who his daughter is and what she has been up to.

In the meantime, Doree notices Vansh in the classroom and fearlessly states that she is not scared of him. Doree and her friend Satho eavesdrop on the teacher’s lesson, believing they shouldn’t have to pay fees to hear it.

Ganga Prasad is struggling to pay the fees and asks Neelu to tell him about his daughter. Neelu wants something in return before revealing the details. Ganga Prasad asks what she wants, and she simply asks for a place in his life, without marriage. He agrees and asks her to share the details about his daughter. Mansi overhears their conversation and is about to investigate when she hears Komal calling for help. Komal has slipped and is in need of assistance. Mansi asks Neelu to help Komal, and Neelu suggests taking her to the hospital as her water has broken. However, Mansi insists on taking her to the Haveli, where the delivery can take place without angering Kailash Devi. Neelu realizes that they have hidden Doree’s birth in a similar manner. Mansi tries to call Raj but he doesn’t answer. Neelu urges Mansi to take action quickly, or else the three of them will be in danger. The police arrive, and Neelu shares everything with them. Ganga Prasad asks them to take Komal to his house, where he will call the doctor.

Meanwhile, Doree asks Mansi to take Komal to her house and assures her that nothing will happen to Komal. Neelu realizes that both Mansi and Komal know more than they are revealing. The police instruct them to take Komal to Ganga Prasad’s house. Anand worries that his mother will be angry at Mansi.

At the same time, Kailash Devi is cooking Komal’s favorite sweets when she learns from Raj that Komal is in labor. She becomes furious upon finding out that Komal is in Basti. She insists that Komal give birth in the Haveli, but Raj expresses concern for their safety. Kailash Devi orders the servant to prepare a room for Komal to give birth. Lakshman questions Kailash Devi’s fear of Komal giving birth to a girl outside the Haveli, as it would reveal the truth. Kailash Devi confidently states that Komal will give birth to a boy, as no girl has been born in their family. Sudha offers to accompany Kailash Devi, but she is sternly told not to go near Komal. Kailash Devi demands that Sudha stay in her room until Komal gives birth. Lakshman is frustrated by this command.

Meanwhile, Komal is in labor and asks Mansi to call the doctor immediately. Neelu urges Anand to fetch the doctor. Kailash Devi arrives in search of Komal, insisting that she will give birth in the Haveli. The police intervene, warning her not to put their lives at risk. Doree brings the doctor to the scene, stating that she has brought the doctor.

In the upcoming episode, Neelu will reveal the truth to Anand.

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