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Doree Upcoming Story: Anand plots against Ganga Prasad

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Colors TV has recently premiered a new show called Doree, which is set in the beautiful city of Varanasi. The show tackles important societal issues such as the abandonment of girls and the rights of women. It revolves around the life of a young girl named Doree, who provides us with a unique perspective on the world.

In the previous episode, an interesting turn of events took place. Daimaa accidentally dropped something and Doree noticed a baby in her hand. To everyone’s surprise, Doree recognized the baby as Kailash Devi’s granddaughter. She immediately started chasing after Daimaa, determined to return the baby to her rightful family.

As the news spread, Ganga Prasad and the people of Basti gathered around to witness the unfolding drama. The inspector informed Kailash Devi that her belongings had been stolen, but she was unaware of it. To everyone’s relief, Doree successfully returned the baby to Kailash Devi. In that moment, Anand realized that he hadn’t committed a sin six years ago, as Kailash Devi had also wanted to get rid of the baby girl.

The Basti people expressed their gratitude towards Mansi for her help, while the inspector warned Kailash Devi about her actions. Anand, wanting to make amends, asked Doree to distribute sweets to everyone in Basti. However, Doree faced a hurdle when Vansh, a character in the show, refused to let her inside the car. This led to a tense situation, but Ganga Prasad ultimately saved Vansh from danger.

In the upcoming episode, viewers can expect some exciting developments. Neelu, a character in the show, will have a physical relationship with Anand, which is bound to create some interesting twists. Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad will be busy preparing clothes for the Diwali delivery. However, Anand will shock Neelu by asking her to burn the delivery items and revealing his intention to harm Doree.

The big questions on everyone’s minds are: Will Doree be able to find her real mother? And when will Kailash Devi discover that Doree is her long-lost granddaughter? We will have to stay tuned to find out the answers to these questions.

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