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Doree Upcoming Story: Ganga Prasad’s desperate plea to Mansi

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Colors TV has recently launched a new show called Doree, which is set in the city of Varanasi. The show aims to shed light on societal issues such as the abandonment of girls and the importance of a girl’s rights. Through the eyes of a young girl named Doree, the audience gets a glimpse into this world.

In the previous episode, we saw Ganga Prasad expressing his concerns about Doree’s future. Doree then agrees to receive training from Kailash Devi and is sent to her house. Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad visits the doctor and receives the news that he has a blood clot in his head, requiring surgery. This news worries him greatly as he contemplates what lies ahead.

At Kailash Devi’s house, Doree undergoes training, but she frustrates Kailash Devi by giving her fitting replies. In another development, Neelu enters Mansi’s room and starts wearing her clothes, hoping to take her place in the house. Kailash Devi then demands that Doree clean the floor and cook for them. Vansh lies to Kailash Devi, claiming that Doree burnt his hand, which leads to Doree’s hand being burned in retaliation. Additionally, Anand plans to harm Doree.

In the upcoming episode, Ganga Prasad will entrust Mansi with the responsibility of taking care of Doree. However, Neelu abducts Doree and locks her in the store room, rolling her up inside a mat. Anand declares that she will die in there. Ganga Prasad becomes worried and searches for Doree, as her life is now in danger.

The audience eagerly awaits answers to questions such as whether Doree will find her real mother and when Kailash Devi will discover that Doree is her granddaughter.

Stay tuned for the upcoming episode, as it promises to provide answers to all these questions. Keep visiting for more updates.


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