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Junooniyatt 31st October 2023 Written Update: Ilahi saves Jahan

Junooniyatt 31st October 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Jordan noticing that Ilahi is missing. Ilahi is secretly keeping an eye on Jordan and Ilahi. The servant hands a letter to Jahan, while Jordan quietly follows him. Ilahi signals to Tina, who takes them away from there. Jahan realizes that the envelope is empty, and Ilahi claims that she sent it to him. She is planning to trap Jordan and Seerat. Ilahi advises Jahan to act as if he has the evidence in his hand, knowing that they will try to take the envelope from him. She asks for one more chance. Seerat asks Jordan to do something, and she pretends to faint. Jordan asks for water, but Dolly mentions that she is fasting. Jordan insists that Jahan should consider her as his wife and asks her to drink the water. Seerat refuses, and Ilahi wonders why they didn’t try to get the envelope. Jordan confronts Ilahi, aware that it’s her trick and that she can’t gather evidence against him.

Jahan takes Ilahi away and questions her actions. Ilahi admits that she still has a day left to prove her innocence. She justifies her decision to ask him to marry Seerat and claims that she sacrificed their happiness for others. However, she refuses to continue doing so and expresses her disappointment that Jahan isn’t giving her a chance to prove herself. Jahan admits his hatred towards her, but Ilahi insists that she still has time to prove her innocence.

Jahan admires Ilahi’s appearance, but Tina warns her to hide her face, as someone might mistake her for a moon and break the fast. Meanwhile, Seerat questions Ilahi’s presence and asserts that she is Jahan’s wife, fasting for him. Ilahi argues that she knows Jahan better than Seerat and believes that he will break her fast. Seerat denies it and accuses Ilahi of trying to remove her from Jahan’s life. Ilahi confesses that she tried to kill Seerat and confidently states that Jahan will break her fast today.

Ilahi declares that it’s a battle between lies and the truth, with Matha Rani’s blessing on her side. Jahan realizes that his call was recorded by Ilahi through Tina’s assistance, which angers him. Jordan observes Jahan and Ilahi’s closeness and realizes that Ilahi escaped. He determines that he must kill Jahan to prevent their reunion. Ilahi attempts to talk to Jahan, but Seerat intervenes and takes him away. During the ritual, Seerat notices a light post about to fall on Jahan and steps back to avoid it. Ilahi sacrifices her own safety to save him. Jahan accidentally knocks the thali from Seerat’s hand while rushing to assist Ilahi. Seerat completes the ritual and faints, prompting Jahan to carry her away.

Jahan makes Ilahi drink water and breaks her fast. The relatives acknowledge that Ilahi is Jahan’s true love, while Seerat was merely a name. Ilahi risked her life to save Jahan, and they embrace each other. Jahan tearfully expresses his love for Ilahi but distances himself from her. Ilahi believes that God is on her side, evident from Jahan breaking her fast. She promises to prove her innocence within two days.

Episode ends.

Ilahi overhears Seerat and Jordan’s conversation.


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