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Katha Ankahee Upcoming Story: Does Aarav stop Viaan from leaving Mumbai?

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In the ongoing storyline of Sony TV Entertainment’s Katha Ankahee, witness Viaan’s decision to relocate to Paris following Katha-Aarav’s rejection, all while Katha consents to marrying Raghav. Stay tuned for the unfolding drama!

In the recent episodes, Aarav reveals his past bond with Viaan to Ruhi’s grandparents and then leaves. Ruhi worries about losing Katha and Aarav, but her grandparents assure her that nothing of that sort will happen. Everyone is surprised when Aarav comes out of the room. Teji apologizes to Aarav for everything that happened. Aarav asks the Raghuvanshis to stay away from him and Katha. Ehsan and Vanya request Raghav for help, but Katha asks Viaan to leave her life. Viaan is hurt but agrees and leaves with his family.

Viaan makes a shocking decision to leave Mumbai and settle in Paris, which upsets Teji. On the other hand, Katha decides to marry Raghav the next day as suggested by him. Viaan sends Aarav a heartfelt letter along with his paintings, which makes Aarav emotional.

In the upcoming episode, Raghav will have a conversation with Katha in her room. He will inform her about their marriage registration taking place the next day, but he wants to ask her something about Viaan for the last time. Katha will look at Raghav with teary eyes.

Meanwhile, Viaan tells Teji that they are leaving for Paris tomorrow and he no longer wants to stay in India. Teji is taken aback by this news. Katha receives a call from Vanya, who informs her about Viaan’s decision to settle in Paris, leaving behind his family, business, and everything. Katha is shocked.

Will Katha be able to stop Viaan from going to Paris?

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to for more updates.


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