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May I Come In Madam 14th December 2023 Written Update: Sanjana’s behaviour astonish Sajan

May I Come In Madam 14th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sanjana wondering what she hit. Sajan irritates her, and Sanjana scolds him. They both step out of the car and are shocked to see a man in front of them. Sanjana asks Sajan to check the man’s pulse, and after doing so, they realize that the man has passed away. Sajan breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Kashmira shares her nightmare with Ramvati, expressing her concern over Sajan’s distress. Ramvati comforts her.

Sanjana decides to report the accident to the police, as it was unintentional. However, Sajan refuses, fearing that the police will consider it a murder. He cries while worrying about the consequences if the police find out. Sanjana reveals to Sajan that her driving license has expired, which shocks him. Just as they are discussing their next steps, they notice someone approaching. They are relieved to see that it is Khiloni. Sajan informs Khiloni about the accident and shows him the man lying on the road. He asks for Khiloni’s help, and Khiloni agrees, easing both Sajan and Sanjana’s worries. Khiloni advises Sanjana to go home while he handles the situation. Sanjana agrees and leaves.

Sajan returns home, and Kashmira questions him about his state. Sajan, in his drunken state, tries to make an excuse to go to his room, but Kashmira stops him. She asks him why he was in the jungle, surprising him. Sajan asks how she found out, and Kashmira reminds him that she knows things in advance through her dreams. She demands an explanation from Sajan, pointing out the sand in his shoe. Sajan manages to convince Kashmira with lies. However, Kashmira notices blood stains on Sajan’s shirt and questions him about it. Sajan dismisses it, claiming that she is hallucinating, and goes inside to rest.

The next day, Sajan arrives at the office and worries about how Sanjana is coping with the previous day’s events, as he is struggling to forget about them himself. To his surprise, Sanjana arrives at the office in a cheerful mood. Sajan asks her about her night, and she happily tells him that it was one of her best nights. They both enter an elevator, leaving Sajan confused and speechless.

Once they reach the office, Sajan compliments Sanjana for her strength, but she breaks down in front of him. She suggests that they should inform the police, but Sajan firmly refuses. Sanjana confides her fears to Sajan. Just then, Vinod arrives and announces that he is going to arrest Sanjana. Both Sajan and Sanjana are shocked. Sajan steps in and asks Vinod to arrest him instead, as he is the one who caused the accident. Vinod appreciates Sajan for his dedication to saving his boss and then informs Sanjana that she forgot to wish him on his birthday. Sanjana breathes a sigh of relief and apologizes to Vinod.

Meanwhile, Chedilal disguises himself as a milkman to meet Ramvati. Kashmira suspects him, but Ramvati sends her inside, allowing Chedilal a few moments with Ramvati. On the other hand, Sajan plays a video for Sanjana, which consists of her photos to uplift her mood. Sanjana is delighted, but the video ends with a clip that says, “I know what you did yesterday,” shocking both Sajan and Sanjana.

In the upcoming episode, Sajan receives a threatening phone call and rushes home to save Kashmira. Kashmira accidentally turns on the stove, resulting in a shocking blast that leaves everyone in shock.


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