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May I Come In Madam 9th December 2023 Written Update: Khiloni, Batuta fails to help Sajan

May I Come In Madam 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sajan asking Kashmira to buy wine for him from the shop. Kashmira is suspicious and asks him why. Sajan comes up with excuses and suggests that she take Ramvati with her. Kashmira agrees and later ties Sajan to a chair. Sajan questions her actions, but Kashmira explains that she can’t risk him leaving the house while she goes to buy wine. Sajan asks if she doesn’t trust him, to which Kashmira admits that she doesn’t and leaves. Sajan is upset.

Khiloni and Batuta enter Sajan’s room through the window and are shocked to see him tied up. Sajan pleads for their help. Khiloni tells him that they only have one option left. They bring Sajan, still tied to the chair, to the office and leave him there to talk to Sanjana. Sanjana arrives and questions why Sajan is tied up. Sajan lies and says that the doctor advised him to do it. Sanjana tells him to rest, but Sajan insists that he will go to any extreme to fulfill her wish of meeting him. Sanjana mocks him, and Sajan encourages her to confess her true feelings. Meanwhile, Batuta and Khiloni discuss whether Sajan will be lucky enough to hear Sanjana’s confession or not. Sanjana struggles to speak with Sajan, but suddenly, they both hear the fire alarm and are shocked. Chedilal takes Sanjana away, and Sajan shouts for help.

Instead of helping Sajan, Khiloni and Batuta run away and blame each other for not assisting him. Sajan cries out for help, but then the alarm stops. A fire service man informs Sajan that it was just a practice session and the building is not on fire. Sajan gets upset and scolds the fire service man, who leaves. Batuta and Khiloni return, and Sajan scolds them for failing to help him, but he confesses that he would have done the same if he were in their place. They all share a hug.

Sajan receives a call from Kashmira, who asks about his favorite wine. Sajan asks her not to buy an expensive one, and Kashmira agrees. She then asks about his whereabouts, and Sajan reminds her that he is still tied up in the house. Kashmira buys the wine and heads home. Khiloni and Batuta take Sajan back home.

Kashmira finds the door locked from the inside, so she breaks it with Ramvati’s help. Sajan questions her about constantly breaking the door, and Kashmira asks how it gets locked from the inside. Sajan lies, but Kashmira refuses to believe him. Ramvati, on the other hand, believes his story, so Kashmira trusts him. Kashmira asks Ramvati to leave the house and then enjoys the wine without giving any to Sajan. She dances around him and then romances with him.

Chedilal falls into Ramvati’s trap for Sajan, and Bhupesh laughs at him. Ramvati gets scared by Chedilal’s angry face. Meanwhile, Sajan convinces Kashmira to leave the house and goes to meet Sanjana. However, Sanjana mistakes him for a thief and attacks him. Sajan persuades her to reveal her true feelings, but she ends up talking about his smelly socks and leaves. Sajan realizes that Kashmira is behind all this and gets upset.

In the precap, Chedilal enters Sajan’s house, and the neighbor misunderstands the situation and alerts Kashmira. Kashmira, Sajan, and Bhupesh are shocked to see Chedilal in Ramvati’s room.


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