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May I Come In Madam Upcoming Story: Kashmira to tricked by Sajan’s act!

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Star Bharat’s show May I Come In Madam S2 is providing viewers with a delightful comedy experience. In the recent episodes, Sanjana discloses her kidnapping to Vinod, leading to Sajan’s release from prison. This development has left audiences intrigued about what will unfold in the upcoming episodes.

The current track reveals that Kashmira is upset upon realizing that Sajan has escaped from her captivity. As a result, she scolds both Bhupesh and Ramvati. Chedilal becomes aware of Sanjana’s kidnapping and suspects Sajan’s involvement. Both Sajan and Khiloni are arrested for kidnapping Sanjana.

Kashmira is shocked to see Sajan behind bars. She feels guilty when Sanjana informs Vinod about her plan to be kidnapped. Sajan blames Kashmira and her family, while Sanjana is pleased with Chedilal’s change in behavior.

In the upcoming episode, Sanjana will talk to someone on the phone and express her desire to share her feelings with Sajan. Sajan overhears this conversation outside Sanjana’s cabin and becomes perplexed. He also hears Sanjana mention that she feels his presence around her.

At night, Kashmira tells Sajan that they haven’t spent quality time together in a while, and she requests him to take a day off from work. Sajan dismisses the idea, stating that he is going to the office, not on a picnic. Later, Kashmira becomes possessed by her grandmother’s spirit, and Sajan promises to stay with her the next day.

Sajan is determined to meet Sanjana at any cost. He sneaks out of the house through the window and meets her. He asks Sanjana to reveal what she wants to tell him. Sanjana asks if he is sure he wants to hear it, and Sajan assures her before eagerly looking at her.

Will Sajan discover what Sanjana has in her heart?

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