OMG 2 Trailer: Akshay Kumar Shines as ‘Shiv Ka Doot’

The trailer for OMG 2 has received a fantastic response from fans. They are much happier with this trailer compared to the movie’s teaser because of the change in Akshay Kumar’s character. In the film, his character has been altered from being Lord Shiv to Shiv Ka Doot (Shiva’s messenger). The changes were made to comply with the CBFC’s request to portray Akshay as God’s messenger rather than as God himself. Despite the adjustments, the trailer has gone viral and garnered widespread praise.

In the trailer, Lord Shiva asks his devoted Nandi to send one of his messengers to help Pankaj’s character, Kanti Sharan Mudgal, whose child has been expelled from school for something considered vulgar. Kanti is in a unique situation, being both the plaintiff and the defendant in a court case. Yami Gautam’s character, a lawyer, faces off against Kanti in court, while Shiva’s messenger guides him in the right direction.

One particular scene from the trailer sheds light on the sad reality of today’s generation. In this scene, Akshay Kumar, as Shiv Ka Doot, goes to buy samosas. When the shopkeeper asks for money, Akshay gives him blessings (aashirwad) instead of money. However, the shopkeeper bluntly tells him that he wants money and not blessings. This scene has struck a chord with the online community, with some making jokes about it and others expressing sadness at the materialistic nature of today’s youth.

OMG 2, directed by Amit Rai, is set to face tough competition at the box office with Sunny Deol’s upcoming action film, Gadar 2. The film has been under scrutiny since the release of its posters and teaser. The censor board was cautious due to the movie’s religious theme, which caused some delays in its release.

OMG 2 is the sequel to OMG: Oh My God, which starred Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar. In the first movie, Akshay played the role of Lord Krishna. The film’s producers initially planned to release the trailer on Wednesday, but it was postponed following the sad news of art director Nitin Desai’s passing on the same day. Akshay announced the delay through a social media post as a mark of respect. The trailer was later released on a different day.

Overall, the new trailer for OMG 2 has made a great impression, and fans are eagerly awaiting its release on August 11. They are excited to experience the movie in theatres and witness the unique storyline it has to offer.


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