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Parineetii Upcoming Story: Sanju to take a stand for Parineet

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Parineeti is a popular show on Colors TV that always manages to keep its viewers hooked with its numerous revelations and twists. In the latest episode, the focus is on the Mehandi ceremony of Sanju and Parineet.

During the ceremony, Neeti confronts Sanju and asks if he misses her and if she still holds a place in his heart. She eagerly waits for his response, but he disappoints her by saying that he no longer loves her and has moved on with his life. He confesses his commitment to Parineet, leaving Neeti shocked and hurt. Neeti shares this incident with Bebe, expressing her disbelief at Sanju’s disrespectful behavior towards her. Bebe, in turn, provokes Neeti against Parineet.

Gurinder, on the other hand, advises Sanju to meet Neeti alone and make it clear to her that she is no longer his daughter-in-law. He firmly states that he is going to marry Parineet and has no relationship with Neeti. Sanju even helps Parineet remove the Mehandi stain. Determined to ruin everyone’s happiness, Neeti vows to stop the wedding.

In the upcoming episode, Neeti will confront Sanju once again and ask if he still loves her. Sanju firmly tells her that he doesn’t love her anymore and urges her to leave his life. Neeti will run away from the scene and later scold Parineet. However, Sanju will take a stand for Parineet and defend her against Neeti’s accusations. He asserts that Parineet is going to be his wife and he won’t allow anyone to badmouth her.

What will happen next? Will Rajeev uncover the truth? Will Bebe’s secret be revealed? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned to for more updates.


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