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Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 12th December 2023 Written Update: Paras proposes to Pashminna

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 12th December 2023 Written Update on

In the latest episode, the plot thickens as Amrin snatches the phone from Preeti, leading to a tense moment. However, Pashminna manages to salvage the situation by informing them that the call got disconnected. Amidst this, Pashminna’s tears hint at deeper emotions, and Preeti takes notice.

Meanwhile, Raghav informs Ayesha that Preeti won’t be attending due to her daughter’s marriage. Ayesha agrees, and Raghav contemplates whether Pashminna lied about not liking Paras. The family engages in a game of cricket, but Atul observes that Raghav’s smile doesn’t reach his eyes.

Later, Raghav hallucinates Pashminna, and Ruhaan urges him to run, but his attention is elsewhere. The family discusses fixing a good date for an upcoming event, and Mohana briefs them about Reeva’s mood.

Baby and Preeti have a conversation about seating arrangements, with Baby suggesting that Preeti is in the front line due to Kailash’s influence. The host calls Pashminna to the stage for saving Raghav, an incident that Pashminna vividly recalls. She receives an award but emphasizes that Preeti matters more to her than any accolade.

Paras is called to receive an award for saving Pashminna, surprising her. Paras declares that Pashminna is his future wife, and despite Pashminna’s attempts to convey something, he interrupts.

The priest suggests an auspicious date for an upcoming event, bringing joy to Ayesha. Mohana congratulates Atul, noting the apparent happiness in Raghav and Ayesha’s relationship. However, Atul remains skeptical of Raghav’s demeanor.

The episode takes an intense turn as Paras proposes to Pashminna during the award ceremony. The situation becomes complicated as family members express their opinions, leading to a heated exchange. Pashminna eventually declares that she won’t marry Paras in the preview of the next episode.

The episode concludes with Kailash informing Preeti about Pashminna and Paras’ impending marriage, leaving Preeti to navigate her emotions amid the unfolding events.


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