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Pushpa Impossible Upcoming Story: Bapodara to accuse Juggal and Pushpa of having an affair

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Sony SAB’s popular show, Pushpa Impossible, is currently showcasing an intriguing storyline where Ashwin gets fired from his job.

As previously reported, Rashi questions Pushpa about her decision to regain custody of Dilip. Pushpa explains that she hasn’t found a suitable place for Dilip to stay and mentions Ashwin’s current situation.

Rashi confronts Pushpa, stating that it was Ashwin’s personal choice and not because of Dilip. Pushpa asserts that everyone has the freedom to make their own choices, but she needs to make a decision based on others’ wishes. She also mentions that she will not take custody of Dilip and can do whatever she wants.

Ashwin’s colleagues arrive and take back the car that was gifted to him by the company. Bapodara observes this and comments on Ashwin’s situation. Pushpa tells Bapodara that if Prathna agrees to go with him, he can take Prathna immediately.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Bapodara accusing Juggal and Pushpa of having an affair. This leads to a confrontation between Chirag and Bapodara, resulting in Bapodara falling down the stairs.

What will happen next? Will the fight between Chirag and Bapodara end up breaking Chirag and Prathna’s marriage?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To stay updated on your favorite show, keep checking for new and exclusive updates on Pushpa Impossible.


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