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Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 25th September 2023 Written Update: Ravi feels a tension for Pratiksha

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 25th September 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with the unexpected arrival of Malhar at Pratiksha’s house, leaving her amazed. However, she refuses to let him in as her husband is not at home and asks him to come back tomorrow. Malhar hands her some papers that require Pratiksha’s signature. She goes inside to get a pen while Malhar secretly plans to disrupt Pratiksha’s marital relationship. He adds some drugs to the juice and prepares a dangerous powder that can cause severe coughing if inhaled. Malhar’s intention is to take advantage of Pratiksha’s instability to fulfill his plan. Pratiksha gets shocked to see Malhar inside and scolds him for entering despite her warning.

After a while, Pratiksha starts coughing uncontrollably as she inhales the powder’s fragrance. Malhar offers her a glass of water, which she drinks. Malhar takes this opportunity to ask Pratiksha if she has ever missed him. Confused by his question, Pratiksha tells him to leave her house. Meanwhile, Ravi keeps calling Pratiksha, but Malhar prevents her from answering the phone. Malhar reminds Pratiksha of their past closeness and promises of being together. He confesses that he still has feelings for her. Pratiksha tells him to stop and urges him to leave. Malhar tries to convince her that he still cares, but she firmly asserts her happy married life.

Meanwhile, Amardeep and Mandeep begin the puja with utmost reverence. However, Ravi feels uneasy and is unable to concentrate. Biji and Kavya both notice his indifference and question him about it, but he ignores them. He tries to call Pratiksha but fails to connect. Mandeep pulls him towards the mandap and asks him to focus.

Meanwhile, Kavya stares at Ravi and promises to spend the rest of her life with him. Her mother reminds her not to glorify her love and asks about her plan with Malhar. Kavya explains her plan and assures that she will remove Pratiksha from their lives. Something dangerous is about to happen tonight, and whatever Ravi witnesses will make him kick Pratiksha out of the house and his life. Kavya’s mother struggles to understand her daughter’s intentions, but Kavya explains everything. She plans to create a scene as soon as they reach the house. They start counting the time, as they have to reach the house within half an hour. Seeing Ravi’s stressed face, Kavya suggests that they go to the house.

The episode concludes.


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