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Suhaagan 14th December 2023 Written Update: Bindiya saves Payal

Suhaagan 14th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Suhaagan begins with a tense moment as Payal pleads with Dadi not to leave Kaveri. However, Dadi mistakenly takes Payal for Kaveri and starts strangling her. Bindiya, shocked by this turn of events, tries to convince Dadi that she is not Kaveri, but Dadi pushes her down. In an attempt to distract Dadi, Bindiya breaks a flower vase, allowing Payal to escape. Dadi gives chase, but injures her feet on the glass shards. Meanwhile, Krishna and Indu hear the commotion and wonder what is happening. They spot Payal and Dadi on the balcony, with Dadi attempting to push Payal off. Krishna intervenes, assuring Dadi that Payal is not Kaveri, but his beloved wife. Payal pleads with Dadi to spare her life, revealing that she untied her own hands and was even willing to help Dadi harm Bindiya. Dadi, however, remains adamant about killing her, unaware of her mistaken identity.

Indu instructs a servant to rescue Payal, but the servant is too afraid of Dadi’s actions. Payal pleads with Krishna to save her, and he promises to do so. Indu blames herself for allowing Payal into the house, while Baldev questions who untied her. Indu suggests asking Bindiya, but when they go to check on her, they find her locked in a room. Baldev quickly releases her, informing her that Payal’s life is in danger. Sakshi expresses her concern, realizing that everyone’s life is at risk if Dadi were to mistake her for Kaveri. Krishna attempts to reason with Dadi, but she threatens him to stay away. Bindiya arrives and signals Krishna not to make any noise. Payal continues to struggle in Dadi’s grasp, desperately not wanting to die this way. Krishna stops Bindiya from approaching Dadi, as he doesn’t trust her. Bindiya insists that Krishna has no other choice and manages to divert Dadi’s attention by offering her flowers. Meanwhile, Baldev arranges for an ambulance to arrive, and Indu feels sympathy for Payal.

Sakshi questions why Dadi mistakes Payal for Kaveri and if they resemble each other. Indu advises Sakshi to drop the matter. Bindiya brings Dadi back inside, and Payal realizes that Dadi is a dangerous person who needs to be restrained. Sakshi is terrified by Dadi’s behavior. Bindiya tries to distract Dadi by mentioning Ballu, which brings out a wave of emotions in Dadi and Baldev. However, Dadi spots Payal and starts chasing her with a knife. In a shocking turn of events, Bindiya comes between them, risking her own safety. The episode ends on this dramatic note.

In the upcoming episode, Payal plans to reunite Indu and Baldev.


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