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Suhaagan 17th December 2023 Written Update: Amma puts Krishna in trouble.

Suhaagan 17th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Baldev, Bindiya, and Krishna are seen searching for Baldev’s mother on the road. Payal removes all sharp objects from her room, and Indu asks the maid servant to remove a whip as it is not needed in the house. While looking for Amma, Bindiya prays to Ambe Ma for help.

Bindiya spots a saree hanging behind a tree that resembles Amma’s saree, and she hugs it, thinking it’s Amma. However, Krishna, who was standing behind the saree, shouts at her. To protect Krishna from falling into a pit, Bindiya pushes him, which angers him even more. Krishna blames Bindiya for all his problems and continues to berate her. Eventually, Bindiya and Krishna find Amma standing on the roof of a bus, trying to take a selfie with her mobile. They ask Amma for their phone, but she refuses to give it to them. Bindiya tries to persuade Amma to come down from the bus, but she refuses. The girls keep shouting at Amma to return their mobile. When Krishna attempts to climb up the bus to bring Amma down, she threatens to jump if he comes any closer.

Bindiya plays a song on her phone that Amma likes, which excites her and convinces her to come down. Krishna informs Baldev about finding Amma and shares the live location with him. Finally, Amma comes down from the bus. She doesn’t recognize Krishna and asks Bindiya about him. Bindiya introduces herself as Krishna’s wife, but Amma denies accepting it. Amma spots a poster of Ranveer Singh kissing an actress behind the bus and asks Krishna and Bindiya to prove their marriage in a similar manner.

Amma still refuses to return the girls’ mobile and threatens to break it. Bindiya suggests Krishna do what Amma asks to get the mobile back, but Krishna initially refuses. However, Amma forces him, and in front of a crowd that gathers around them, Krishna kisses Bindiya on her cheek. Baldev arrives at the scene and feels embarrassed. Finally, Amma accepts Krishna as her grandson and returns the mobile. Unfortunately, the kissing video of Bindiya and Krishna gets recorded on the girls’ mobile, and they send it to Bindiya.

Bindiya tells Baldev that she can’t go with them now, and Amma insists on going with them. Krishna persuades Bindiya to go home with them to avoid annoying Amma further. The episode ends with Baldev giving an ultimatum to Payal, asking her to take care of Amma, and if she fails to do so, she will have to leave the house.

Precap: Baldev warns Payal to take care of Amma, or else she will have to leave the house.


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