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Suhaagan 6th December 2023 Written Update: Payal threatens Nidhi

Suhaagan 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Payal apologizing to Nidhi and asking for forgiveness. Krishna advises Payal to calm down and be more careful in the future. Payal’s carelessness resulted in Bindiya burning her hand and Nidhi’s dupatta catching fire. Concerned about Nidhi’s well-being, Krishna suggests she take some rest. However, Bindiya tries to follow them, but Krishna stops her and tells her to finish her food first. Meanwhile, Baldev asks Indu to take her medicine. Indu complains about Baldev taking care of her for the first time and questions why he’s giving her bitter medicine. Baldev explains that she needs to take the medicine and rest. He then massages her leg to help alleviate her pain. Krishna arrives and teases them, and Indu asks about Payal. Krishna reassures her that Payal is fine and reveals that she is no longer alone and is expecting a baby.

Nidhi expresses her concerns about Payal, labeling her as dangerous. Bindiya agrees, stating that she knew Payal would do something like this and that she has turned into a devil. Nidhi reveals that Payal has been threatening her and suggests they expose her truth before she has a chance to harm them. Payal interrupts them and challenges them to expose her if they want to. She even proposes a meeting to discuss the matter. Payal warns Bindiya not to interfere in her affairs and reveals that she came to talk to Nidhi. Payal acknowledges that Bindiya gave her a good idea for hiding her pregnancy but insists that she shouldn’t back out from their agreement. Payal plans to portray Nidhi as a liar and emotionally blackmailed her into acting this way. Bindiya questions whether this strategy will help Payal hide her mistakes. Payal believes that Krishna and Indu blindly trust her and that she can manipulate the situation to her advantage.

Bindiya dismisses Payal’s dreams, reminding her that she is not alone this time. Nidhi and Pankaj are with her, and although Indu may not believe her, she will trust Nidhi and her son-in-law. Payal warns them about the consequences of learning the truth about her. Bindiya asks for clarification, and Payal implies that if they try to take Krishna away from her, she will retaliate by harming Nidhi’s baby. Pankaj vows to not let Payal get away with her actions, but Bindiya advises him to stay calm. Nidhi describes Payal as a liar and a demon who will stop at nothing to harm them. Bindiya acknowledges the threat but decides not to confront Payal for the sake of Nidhi’s baby. She urges Pankaj to take Nidhi away, as Payal will likely try to harm her. Nidhi expresses her willingness to go anywhere to protect her baby.

Sakshi asks Vickram to take his medicine as she wants to get pregnant, but he refuses. Krishna inquires if they have seen Payal, but they deny it. Later, Pankaj informs Indu that they are going back home, as their misunderstandings have been resolved. Indu questions if he is pressuring Nidhi to go with him, but Nidhi denies it. Bindiya signals to Baldev, and Nidhi bids farewell to Indu with a hug, surprising both Indu and Sakshi. Payal discovers that Nidhi did not abort her baby, and she approaches the doctor for help. Payal tries to bribe the doctor, offering her money to cooperate with her. Meanwhile, Indu misses Nidhi, and Krishna admits that he can’t find Payal. Bindiya believes it’s Payal’s new drama, and Krishna blames himself for scolding Payal. Payal had threatened to abort Nidhi’s baby, and Krishna comforts her with a hug. Indu blames Bindiya for Nidhi’s disappearance and warns her.

Episode ends.

Precap: Bindiya falls into Payal’s plan.


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