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Suhaagan Upcoming Story: Bindiya to fall in Payal’s trap

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Suhaagan is gearing up for more drama as Payal has already begun her pregnancy scheme. Payal hatches a plan against Bindiya.

In the recent episode, Payal tells Pankaj that Krishna and Indu believe her, not Bindiya. Payal threatens to take away Bindiya’s baby if she tries to expose her truth. Bindiya sends Nidhi and her husband to their house. Krishna discovers that Payal is attempting to terminate her pregnancy.

Payal bribes the doctor to make it seem like that is the case. Krishna apologizes to Payal for his mistake. Payal assures him that she did not abort her baby. Krishna discusses the situation with his mother. Indu states that she will give more importance to Payal in their household.

Indu breaks a glass and reveals that there was a leaf added to the milk. If a pregnant woman drinks it, the baby will not survive. Payal asks who did it, and Indu mistakenly believes it was Bindiya. She berates Bindiya and asserts that she will not allow her to harm her heir.

In the upcoming episode, Bindiya will suggest that she and Payal find out who is actually pregnant. Payal grabs her hand and places it on her shoulder. Payal then pretends to fall down, creating a scene where it appears that Bindiya pushed her. Krishna will be shocked by this turn of events.

What will happen next? Will Bindiya expose Payal’s truth to Krishna? Will Krishna fall for Bindiya?

To discover the answers to these questions, continue watching the show and stay tuned to for exclusive updates about your favorite Hindi shows.


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