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Suhaagan Upcoming Story: Bindiya to save Payal from Dadi

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Suhaagan is gearing up for more drama, and things are getting intense as Payal has started her pregnancy drama. She is plotting against Bindiya, creating a lot of tension in the show.

In the latest episode, Bindiya manages to make Dadi sleep in her room. However, Payal threatens Nidhi to keep the truth hidden. Unfortunately for Payal, Bindiya overhears their conversation. Bindiya confronts Payal, letting her know that she is aware of her plans to stop Nidhi from revealing the truth. Bindiya boldly states that she is more dangerous than any poison. Payal, not taking Bindiya seriously, mocks her.

Bindiya knows that the truth cannot be hidden for long, and it will eventually come out. However, Payal claims that she knows how to handle the situation and tells Bindiya to worry about herself. Krishna has already kicked Payal out of the house, but Payal sees another opportunity to come back. She frames Bindiya in front of Krishna, leading Krishna to scold Bindiya. Dadi intervenes and threatens to kill Payal. Later, Payal realizes that Bindiya has locked herself in a room and goes to investigate. She unties Dadi and convinces her to kill Bindiya.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Dadi mistaking Payal for Kaveri and chasing her around the house. Dadi threatens to kill Payal and even takes a knife to stab her. However, Bindiya steps in to protect Payal.

What will happen next? Will Bindiya expose Payal’s truth to Krishna? Will Krishna fall for Bindiya?

To find out the answers to these questions, make sure to keep watching the show and stay tuned to for exclusive updates on your favorite Hindi shows.


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