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Udaariyaan 12th December 2023 Written Update: Aasmaa disappointed with Sukhi

Udaariyaan 12th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sukhi hitting Rano, leaving Aasmaa shocked. Rano sustains a head injury and asks Aasmaa what she wants. Aasmaa informs her that she has been wounded and needs to inform everyone. However, Rano insists that she shouldn’t tell anyone and reveals that Sukhi raised his hand on her because of Aasmaa. Rano asks Aasmaa to talk to Ekam and convince him to apologize, believing that it will make everything right. Aasmaa agrees to talk to Ekam but emphasizes that Sukhi should not raise his hand on her again. Rano asks Aasmaa not to interfere and shares her grief with her. She also pleads with Aasmaa not to reveal the truth to Armaan. Aasmaa, however, feels that she can’t hide it from her husband and promises to tell him. Rano warns her that if she reveals it to anyone, she will die and swears on it. Armaan questions his mother about the promise she asked Aasmaa to make and wants to know what’s going on, but Bebe tells him not to interfere and sends him to eat.

Bebe advises Aasmaa not to get involved in the matter and warns her about interfering in others’ affairs. Aasmaa questions why Bebe isn’t stopping it if she knows everything. Bebe dismisses her concerns and tells her to leave. Lost in her thoughts, Aasmaa recalls the incidents. Armaan asks her what’s bothering her, and she lies, saying that she is thinking about Alia. Meanwhile, Alia tells Raja that Aasmaa is not talking to her and suspects that he might be behind it. Raja assures her that he can’t do such a thing and offers to listen to their conversation and inform her about it. Armaan tries to get Aasmaa to open up and share her troubles, but Raja interrupts them.

Raja apologizes to Aasmaa for his mistakes, and she forgives him. They start washing the dishes together. Alia notices Armaan helping Aasmaa and informs Sukhi about it, who scolds Armaan and asks him to stop helping her. Armaan stands up for himself and asserts that there is nothing wrong with helping his wife. Sukhi berates him, and Rano intervenes, telling Armaan not to talk to his father like that. Sukhi questions Rano’s interference and defends Aasmaa for apologizing to him. Aasmaa argues that men can help women with household chores and asks for equal treatment. Alia supports Sukhi to impress him and provokes him against Aasmaa by mentioning her Canadian background. Later, Alia sees Sukhi intoxicated and plans to take advantage of the situation. Armaan senses that something is bothering Aasmaa and confronts her, while Alia sneaks into Rano’s room and attacks her while she is sleeping.

Episode ends.

Precap: Alia instigates Armaan against Aasmaa.


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