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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Aasma risks her life to save Raja

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Udaariyaan is a popular Colors show that is currently captivating Indian audiences with its intense drama. In the latest episode, viewers witnessed a thrilling face-off between Alia and Aasmaa. Moreover, Aasmaa will go to great lengths to save Raja’s life, adding to the suspense and excitement.

Previously, we saw Alia launching an attack on Rano and then hiding. Armaan hurried to her aid, unaware of the truth behind Rano’s injury. Rano deceived him by claiming she got hurt in the darkness, while Alia prevented him from discovering the real story. Despite Alia’s complaints about Aasmaa hiding the truth about his parents, Armaan refused to believe her. Their trust issues escalated, with Alia urging him not to blindly trust Aasmaa. This led to a heated argument, during which Armaan twisted Alia’s hand in anger. Alia revealed that his father used to physically abuse his mother, and Aasmaa was aware of it all.

Following this revelation, Armaan confronted his mother, who reluctantly admitted to the truth. He then confronted Aasmaa, who managed to deceive him temporarily, but he eventually caught her red-handed. Alia further instigated Sukhi against Rano, leading to a violent confrontation that Armaan intervened in.

In the next episode, viewers can expect Alia to express her hunger to Raja and request that he feed her. Raja, in an attempt to cook for her, ends up injuring himself. Aasmaa rushes to his aid, but unfortunately, hot oil accidentally splashes into her eyes.

The burning question remains: Will Aasmaa expose Alia? And how will she handle this challenging situation?

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