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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Alia intoxicates Armaan!

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Udaariyaan is gearing up for more excitement as Aasman and her family find themselves caught in a terrorist attack! In the recent episode, Alia informs Raja that she plans to talk to Armaan and make him understand that she is now Raja’s wife, asking him to stay away unless she calls him. However, just as Alia tries to intoxicate Armaan by mixing something in his juice, Aasman arrives on the scene.

Aasman apologizes to Armaan and explains that she has already apologized to their entire family. She firmly asks Alia to leave their room and stay with Raja. Prior to Armaan joining them on the trip, Aasman had shown him her eye test reports, proving that she indeed has a fluctuating vision problem. Armaan promises to continue pretending to ensure Raja’s safety. Meanwhile, Alia eavesdrops outside the room and becomes delighted upon hearing Aasman and Armaan’s pretend argument.

At the party, Alia takes advantage of Armaan’s intoxicated state. In the hotel washroom, Aasman encounters a sobbing woman who reveals a bomb strapped to her body. The woman informs Aasman that terrorists are present in the hotel and have planned a blast at midnight. These terrorists are coercing the woman to carry out this crime.

Aasman immediately informs Ekam about the situation, prompting him to advise her to stay calm and vigilant while he makes his way there. The terrorists initiate gunfire, posing a threat to Aasman and her family. Will Ekam be able to save them from the impending danger?

To find out what happens next, make sure to keep watching Udaariyaan and stay updated on this page.


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