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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Alia to appear for marriage registration with Raja

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Udaariyaan is a popular Colors TV show that revolves around a complicated love triangle between Alia, Armaan, and Aasmaa. However, a new twist is about to unfold as Alia ends up marrying Raja, who is mentally challenged and happens to be Armaan’s brother.

In the previous episode, Raja surprises everyone by declaring that Alia is his wife and she cannot leave. Despite Ekam’s attempts to intervene and take Alia back, Raja stops her and even threatens Ekam. Aasmaa tries to diffuse the situation, but Raja becomes pleased when Alia comes to his defense.

Alia firmly asserts that she is Raja’s wife and refuses to leave him. Armaan suggests that they go to the registration office to legally register their marriage. However, he also predicts that Alia will not show up, which will expose her true intentions.

In the upcoming episode, Armaan will be shocked when neither Alia nor Ekam show up at the court for the registration. However, his plan takes an unexpected turn when Alia suddenly appears, leaving Armaan and Aasmaa astonished. Will Armaan’s plan backfire?

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to for more updates on Udaariyaan.


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