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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Ekam to slap Raja

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Udaariyaan is a popular Colors show that has been captivating Indian audiences with its intense drama. In the latest episode, viewers witnessed a heated confrontation between Alia and Aasmaa. Meanwhile, Aasmaa witnessed Sukhi physically abusing Rano, but Rano pleaded with her to keep it a secret from Armaan.

In the previous episode, Armaan took responsibility for his actions and apologized to Raja for beating him. He was even willing to do sit-ups as a form of atonement. Raja forgave him, and they shared some heartwarming moments together. Aasmaa also apologized to Armaan, and he apologized in return. However, Alia remained determined to tear this family apart, and Dadi praised her for it.

During a conversation with Dadi, Alia expressed her belief that Ekam, the head of the family, would not approve of the wedding. Aasmaa, on the other hand, had a plan to change his mind. She suggested performing a grahshanthi pooja at home and asked Alia to make the necessary arrangements. Alia, however, saw this as an opportunity to trap Aasmaa in her own scheme.

Later on, Alia instructed Raja to pour water on Aasmaa during the pooja as a token of gratitude. Little did Aasmaa know that Alia had mixed kerosene in the water. Meanwhile, Ekam arrived, and the pooja began. Raja poured the water on Aasmaa, and suddenly, a fire broke out.

In the upcoming episode, viewers can expect Armaan to come to Aasmaa’s rescue. Ekam, upon learning that Raja attempted to harm his daughter, will slap him. Additionally, Sukhi will point a gun at his own head, adding to the tension.

Will Aasmaa manage to expose Alia’s true intentions? How will she navigate through this challenging situation?

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