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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Rano demands Aasmaa to hide the truth

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Udaariyaan is a Colors show that is currently providing viewers with intense drama as Alia and Aasmaa face off against each other. In the latest development, Aasmaa witnesses Sukhi physically abusing Rano, but Rano pleads with her to keep it a secret from Armaan.

In the previous episode, Raja unknowingly poured water on Aasmaa and thanked her, not realizing that Alia had mixed kerosene in it. This caused her dupatta to catch fire, and Armaan and Ekam rushed to save her. Alia took advantage of the situation and scolded Raja in front of everyone to provoke Ekam against him.

As a result, Ekam slapped Raja and threatened to send him to a mental asylum. He even went as far as pointing a rifle at his own head. Aasmaa tried to calm Ekam down, but he was furious with everyone. Armaan then took his father away, while Ekam remained determined to take his daughters away from that house. However, Aasmaa managed to convince him otherwise after Alia confessed the truth to her. Armaan, upon learning that Alia had orchestrated the incident, pushed her away, and Aasmaa confronted her.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Sukhi expressing his frustration about Aasmaa and Alia’s drama to Rano. In a fit of anger, he pushes Rano, much to Aasmaa’s shock. Aasmaa will demand that Rano keep this incident hidden from Armaan, but Alia overhears their conversation and reveals it to him.

The question remains: Will Aasmaa expose Alia? And how will she handle this challenging situation?

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to for all the latest updates.


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