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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: The doctor reveals the truth to Ekam!

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Udaariyaan is an exciting Colors show that is currently providing viewers with a thrilling drama involving Alia and Aasmaa. In the previous episode, Aasmaa heroically rushed to the kitchen and saved Raja from harm, but unfortunately, hot oil ended up in her eyes. As a result, she had to be admitted to the hospital, where the doctor advised everyone to take good care of her. Alia, however, blames Raja for Aasmaa’s condition, leading to a confrontation between Alia and Armaan.

In a surprising turn of events, Alia seeks Rano’s permission to take Raja to a center, believing that he will never return home. During this encounter, Alia slyly puts a rat in Raja’s dress, causing chaos when Raja later removes his shirt in public. Alia seizes this opportunity to inform the rehabilitation center that a stranger has behaved inappropriately with a girl. Thankfully, Armaan and Aasmaa arrive on the scene and prevent the situation from escalating. Armaan is furious with Alia for her actions.

In the upcoming episode, viewers can expect even more excitement. Alia will tamper with Aasmaa’s eye drops by adding chemicals to them without realizing the consequences. As a result, Aasmaa will have to be admitted to the hospital once again. The doctor will suspect that something is wrong with the medicine and Ekam will urge him to conduct tests to determine if anything has been mixed in it.

The big question now is whether Aasmaa will be able to expose Alia and how she will handle the difficult situation she finds herself in.

To find out what happens next, make sure to stay tuned to for all the latest updates.


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