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Vanshaj 12th December 2023 Written Update: Dj plans something against Isha.

Vanshaj 12th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Yuvika asks Isha where she is going. Isha replies that she is going to meet her friends and Arjun will accompany her. Arjun chimes in and says he will bring her back. Yuvika tells them to come home on time or else she will restrict them from going out in the evenings. Yuvika then heads to Neel’s place.

Bhoomi advises Gargi to take care of Ruhi now that she is pregnant. However, Gargi starts taunting Bhoomi and Ruhi instead. Gargi assures Ruhi that she has spoken to fitness trainers, yoga trainers, and doctors to create a plan for her starting from the next morning. Meanwhile, Yuvika arrives at Neel’s place and finds him packing their belongings. Yuvika expresses her surprise about not being aware of this notice.

Isha and Arjun are doing a photoshoot with Simone when suddenly Dj shows up. Arjun questions Dj about his presence here instead of being with Ruhi to celebrate her happy moment. Simone asks about the good news, but Dj blackmails Isha and Arjun to leave and not let Simone find out anything. In order to avoid any complications, Isha and Arjun leave immediately after Dj’s threat.

Yuvika pleads with Neel not to leave the house, emphasizing that they don’t need to take such drastic actions. Yuvika meets Vidur and asks him not to take the notice seriously, as it would only benefit Dhanraj and Dj. She requests Neel and Vidur to stay and seeks their help. After some persuasion, Vidur agrees. Yuvika questions why Vidur didn’t inform her earlier, to which he explains that he rarely asks for help from anyone except for Prem.

Yuvika asks Neel to call the movers and packers and cancel their appointment. She gives Vidur the gift packets that Bhoomi sent for Ruhi’s pregnancy. Vidur congratulates them and goes inside. Yuvika asks Neel why he didn’t inform her about their plans. Neel retorts by asking why he should have told her, especially when she didn’t inform him about tricking Dj with the tempo issue. Yuvika explains that she wanted to protect herself because she realized that anyone close to her would be in danger. Neel teases Yuvika, and she reminds him to be on time for work the next morning before leaving.

Meanwhile, Dj shows Simone Isha’s pictures and asks her to make a drink. He calls Gargi and instructs her to do some work for him. Yuvika cooks at home and feeds Bhanu when suddenly Dhanraj arrives with the cancelled eviction notice from Vidur. He questions how Yuvika managed to cancel it. Yuvika explains that without the chairperson’s signature, the notice is invalid. Bhanu expresses his pride in Yuvika and commends her actions.

Later, Dj sits at the bar, drinking, when he receives a message on his phone and laughs to himself, hinting that there will be some drama the next day.

In the preview, Isha’s photoshoot picture appears on the front page of the newspaper.


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