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Vanshaj 14th December 2023 Written Update: Dj manipulates Isha.

Vanshaj 14th December 2023 Written Update on

Ruhi tells Bhoomi that she understands that she is hurt by Isha’s actions. However, she believes that Isha did nothing wrong. Ruhi explains that every woman has her own dreams and shouldn’t have to sacrifice them. She suggests that Bhoomi should support Isha. Meanwhile, Dj receives a call from Ruhi, who tells him that she is experiencing a lot of pain in her belly and feeling uneasy. Dj scolds her, telling her to take care of herself since he is not a doctor. Bhoomi notices Ruhi in pain and checks on her. Gargi assures Bhoomi that she knows how to take care of her daughter-in-law and calls the doctor. The doctor informs them that Ruhi’s blood pressure has elevated and advises her to rest.

Arjun apologizes to Yuvika for not telling her the truth earlier. Yuvika forgives him, understanding that he has realized his mistake. Arjun expresses his concern for Isha and Bhoomi, as they haven’t eaten anything since morning. Yuvika assures him that she will talk to both of them. They decide to surprise Isha and enter her room with a cake and flowers. However, they are surprised to find Dj there, who has already decorated the room for Isha. Isha asks Yuvika to see that someone is genuinely happy for her. Yuvika and Arjun congratulate Isha and celebrate with her. Dj mentions that Isha can’t have the cake as she is going to be a supermodel and needs to stick to gluten-free and sugar-free food.

Isha emphasizes that true appreciation takes into account a person’s choices and feelings. Dj reveals that he has arranged a personal trainer for Isha, and she thanks him. Yuvika apologizes to Isha and congratulates her wholeheartedly before leaving. Yuvika goes to Bhoomi’s room with dinner and feeds her, reflecting on how Bhoomi has grown and is moving forward. Bhoomi acknowledges that she is different and Isha’s dream is to be a model. She suggests that they should support Isha and guide her in the right direction.

Isha calls Simone to inquire about her response. Simone acknowledges that Isha is doing well but needs to work on her body. She asks for Isha’s support, mentioning that only Dj and Simone are supporting her. Yuvika approaches Bhanu and explains that Isha needs his permission and support. Bhanu refuses, stating that Isha is too young and won’t be able to handle the consequences of the glamour world. Yuvika argues that she takes responsibility for Isha’s well-being and promises to protect her from any harm. Finally, Bhanu grants permission to Yuvika.

In the upcoming episode, Kabir prepares to destroy the Mahajan Empire.


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