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Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Isha & Arjun lie to Yuvika!

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Vanshaj is set to become even more thrilling in the coming days as Isha finds herself trapped by DJ!

In the most recent episode, Yuvika asks Isha where she’s going. Isha lies and says she’s meeting her friends, with Arjun accompanying her. Arjun steps in and promises to bring her back home on time.

Yuvika asks them to return home promptly. While Isha and Arjun are doing a photoshoot with Simone, DJ unexpectedly shows up. Arjun questions why DJ is here instead of being with Ruhi to celebrate this happy moment.

Simone asks about the good news, but DJ blackmails Isha and Arjun, forcing them to leave immediately to avoid letting Simone in on their secret. If they refuse, DJ threatens to inform Yuvika.

Yuvika pleads with Neel not to leave the house, insisting that they don’t need to do this. She meets with Vidur and urges him not to take the notice seriously, as it would only allow Dhanraj and DJ to succeed in their plan. After some persuasion, Vidur agrees to stay.

Later on, DJ is seen sitting at a bar, drinking and celebrating the storm that is about to hit Yuvika the next morning. He chuckles to himself, eagerly awaiting the drama that will unfold.

In the next episode, Isha’s modeling photo will be published on the front page of the newspaper, leaving Yuvika shocked.

Yuvika will have to face the media’s embarrassing questions about her sister. How will she handle this situation? Could this be the start of Yuvika’s downfall?

To find out what happens next, keep watching Vanshaj and stay tuned to this space for more updates.


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