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Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Ruhi warns Yuvika!

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In the latest episode of Vanshaj, Vidur assures Bhanu that he will make sure that no one signs a contract with dangerous clauses. Bhanu initially doubts DJ, but then dismisses the thought, considering DJ’s concern for the Mahajan family’s reputation. Vidur asks Bhanu for some time to uncover the truth and tells him not to worry.

Bhanu expresses his concern, stating that such small incidents can lead to enmity and distrust. Meanwhile, Ruhi visits the office to talk to DJ about her pregnancy, but he behaves rudely and asks her to leave.

The next morning, Yuvika checks the packages and ensures they are loaded into their container. DJ’s plan is to sabotage Yuvika’s delivery by causing a delay. If the delivery doesn’t arrive on time, the order will be cancelled. Suddenly, one of the workers informs them that the tempo driver is missing. Despite searching for the driver, they can’t find him, so Neel decides to deliver the goods alone in the tempo.

Unbeknownst to Neel, DJ has bribed the tempo driver to tamper with the brakes and turn off his mobile phone. Halfway through the journey, Neel realizes that the brakes are not working. He meets with an accident as the tempo hits a pole, but thankfully, he escapes without any injuries.

When Neel calls Yuvika to inform her about the issue, she reveals that she had anticipated something like this due to DJ’s plan. As a precaution, she had placed the actual consignment in her own tempo and is already on her way to deliver it to the customer. Neel wishes her luck.

DJ’s plan fails, and Yuvika confronts him after the successful delivery. Despite DJ’s constant denial, Yuvika presents him with a stamp paper, indicating that she knows about his intentions. What does the stamp paper contain? Will DJ accept Ruhi after learning about her pregnancy?

To find out what happens next, keep watching Vanshaj and stay tuned to for more updates.


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