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Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Yuvika confronts Dj!

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In the recent episode, Yuvika shows Dj the original contract copy that has been tampered with. The packaging clause has been added later. Yuvika is upset with Dj for this mistake and warns him about it.

Dj claims he doesn’t know what Yuvika is talking about and questions the basis of her accusation. Yuvika decides to call a meeting with the board members to investigate the issue. Dj challenges Yuvika to do whatever she can, stating that he will handle the situation accordingly.

Dj contacts Dhanraj and informs him about the chaos at the office. He asks Dhanraj to be prepared for some drama at home. Dhanraj assures him not to worry and returns home.

Yuvika and Dj enter the house together. Yuvika tries to explain everything to Bhanu, but he stops her. Instead, Bhanu congratulates Dj and reveals the news of the pregnancy. Before Dj arrives home, Bhanu had confronted Dhanraj regarding the contract issue.

Gargi requests Bhanu not to scold Dj that night as he is going to be a father. Overwhelmed with joy, Bhanu greets Dj when he arrives home and performs aarti for Dj and Ruhi.

Once in their room, Dj starts shouting at Ruhi and demands her to stop whatever she is doing. Bhanu Pratap tells Yuvika that she handled the contract and the delivery on time due to God’s grace.

Yuvika decides to call a board meeting to address the issue and punish Dj. However, Bhanu advises her to postpone the punishment as it is a critical time for Dj.

What will Dj do next? Will he accept his baby with Ruhi? Will he use this situation to avoid Bhanu’s scolding and further his plans against Yuvika?

To find out more, keep watching Vanshaj.


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