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Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Yuvika faces the media!

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Vanshaj has taken an interesting turn as DJ’s plan to ruin Yuvika’s support system starts to unfold. In the latest episode, just as Isha is about to reveal her modeling issue to Yuvika, Gargi warns everyone not to leak the news of Ruhi’s pregnancy before she announces it. Isha decides to tell Yuvika everything the next morning.

The following morning, Yuvika opens the newspaper and is shocked to see Isha’s photo on the cover page with a twisted headline. Meanwhile, Isha discovers her photos on Instagram and realizes that her followers have started increasing, making her very happy. She decides to share this news with Yuvika.

Bhoomi enters Isha’s room with the newspaper and slaps her, demanding an explanation for her photo being on the cover page. Isha remains silent, but Yuvika intervenes and asks Bhoomi to calm down. Yuvika then questions Isha about why she hid this from her.

Isha explains that she wants to become a model and feels that everything Yuvika does is acceptable, but if she tries to pursue her own dreams, it becomes wrong. Yuvika disagrees, stating that Isha’s actions weren’t wrong, but her approach was not right. However, Isha continues to argue stubbornly.

Bhanu calls Isha and expresses his anger, questioning if she didn’t consider the consequences before taking such a step. He firmly states that such things are not suitable for the Mahajan family, and she will not be allowed to pursue it as a career. Isha tries to defend herself, explaining that she was only following her dream, but Bhanu makes it clear that she must let go of this aspiration.

DJ congratulates Isha and empathizes with the feeling of shattered dreams. He advises her to be cautious about her next move. Yuvika faces the media regarding Isha’s news and delivers a firm response, which later gets twisted.

In the next episode, Vidur informs Yuvika about a guy named Kabir who is responsible for the sudden price hike of the Mahajan group. Who is Kabir, and what is his connection with DJ? To find out, keep watching Vanshaj and stay tuned for more updates.


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