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Aangan – Aapno Kaa Upcoming Story: Akash to face Aparna’s questions!

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Sony SAB’s show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is currently focusing on Pallavi demanding her life partner should be a Ghar Jamai while Akash assures Aparna he has no feelings for Pallavi.

In the previous episode, we saw that Jaydev rushed to an injured and unconscious Pallavi. He requested the people around him to call an ambulance. Meanwhile, Varun found Deepika on the road.

Deepika cried hard seeing Varun out of relief. She then shared with Varun about what she went through in that man’s house who tried to misbehave with her both on the aeroplane and also at his house. An enraged Varun decided to punish that man, but Deepika stopped him. Varun pacified her.

Akash got worried when Pallavi didn’t answer his calls. Both Subash and Ravi questioned him. Akash informed them about his employee not answering his calls, but they both teased him, which annoyed Akash. Deepika refused to reveal the real reason behind her calling Pallavi earlier for help to Pallavi. She then updated Tanvi about Pallavi’s state.

Jaydev and Pallavi argued with each other. The nurse got frustrated. Aparna shared her worries with Kusum about not informing Akash about their plan, but Kusum assured that everything would work out in their favor.

Akash learned through Ruchi about Pallavi’s accident, so he rushed to the hospital. He convinced Pallavi to take her medicine. Pallavi pointed out the similarities she has seen between Jaydev and Akash. She also learned about Jaydev’s dispute with Akash’s family. Aparna questioned Akash about his feelings for Pallavi.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Akash receiving a call from the worried Pallavi. Pallavi will plead with Akash to protect Jaydev. Later, Deepika and Pallavi will find Jaydev in a store room with Akash.

Akash will be seen in a meeting. Akash’s employer will inform him about firing him from his job as they face losses due to his carelessness. Later, Aparna will demand Akash to answer if he is in Pallavi’s house at night. Also, Pallavi is the reason behind him losing his job. Akash will say yes, which will shock Aparna.

What will Aparna do now?

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