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May I Come In Madam Upcoming Story: Sanjana, Sajan’s scheme against the masked man!

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Star Bharat’s show May I Come In Madam S2 is providing viewers with a daily dose of comedy and an enjoyable experience. The latest development in the show involves Sanjana’s decision to take Chedilal to the USA to change his character. This decision raises the question of how they will protect themselves from the masked man’s clutches.

In the previous episode, Sanjana attempted to calm a worried Sajan by assuring him that Vinod would help them. Both Sanjana and Sajan waited for Vinod at the police station. Sanjana then confided in Vinod about the accident they caused and the threat from the masked man. Vinod scolded Sajan for preventing Sanjana from sharing this information. Vinod also suspected the involvement of a specific gang, but Sajan refused to believe it.

Meanwhile, Bhupesh lied to Kashmira about having feelings for Pyaari. Under pressure from Kashmira, Bhupesh confessed his feelings to Pyaari, which made her happy. Later, Kashmira asked Sajan to speak with Chedilal as a woman. Sajan refused and tried to threaten her with consequences, but Kashmira remained firm. Eventually, Sajan called Chedilal, who flirted with him.

Chedilal expressed interest in meeting Sajan, and Kashmira insisted that Sajan agree. Sanjana advised Chedilal against it, but he did not listen, causing Sanjana to worry about Ramvati.

In the upcoming episode, Sanjana will vent her frustration about the masked man’s intentions towards them to Sajan. Sajan will contemplate how to uncover the masked man’s true identity. Sanjana will ask Sajan to send a message to trap the masked man, and Sajan will comply.

Ramvati will find herself in a room with the masked man, who questions whether she thought he would not return to her life. He approaches Ramvati, causing her to cry out of fear.

Who will save Ramvati from the clutches of the masked man?

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to for more updates.


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