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Aangan – Aapno Kaa Upcoming Story: Pallavi to confront Jaydev!

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Sony SAB’s newest show, Aangan – Aapno Kaa, revolves around Pallavi, an ambitious and fun-loving girl. Pallavi witnesses how marriage affects the relationships women have with their parents. Consequently, she decides not to get married in order to take care of her father.

In the current track, Asha shares her perspective on what makes a home. Jaydev and Pallavi have an argument about the color of a suit, which leads to a cooking face-off. Pallavi emerges as the winner. Jaydev feels upset that his daughters couldn’t attend his retirement function, but he keeps it hidden from Pallavi and goes to the office.

Pallavi learns about Tanvi’s situation at home and decides to visit her house with Deepika. She convinces Tanvi’s mother-in-law to allow her to attend Jaydev’s retirement function. The Sharma sisters surprise Jaydev by attending the function. However, Pallavi notices Jaydev’s sad expression when Deepika and Tanvi cancel their dinner plans due to important work at home.

In the upcoming episode, Jaydev will discuss Pallavi’s marriage, but she will express her disinterest in getting married. Later, Jaydev will choose a potential groom for Pallavi. However, Pallavi slaps a guy at a bar who tells her not to waste the time of those who genuinely want to get married.

Pallavi is shocked and confronts Jaydev, reminding him that they have already discussed her lack of interest in marriage. She also inquires about the whereabouts of her new boss. When a guy named Akash introduces himself as her new boss, Pallavi is taken aback. Akash mocks her for not knowing their client’s preference for vegan food. Pallavi assures Akash that she will make a vegan cake but accidentally drops it on the floor. As a result, Akash fires Pallavi, leaving her in shock.

Will Pallavi be able to make Jaydev understand her decision? Stay tuned to find out more about your favorite shows.


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