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Pushpa Impossible 11th December 2023 Written Update: Bapodhara blames Chirag for his accident

Pushpa Impossible 11th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Ashwin receiving a call from Prathna. He anxiously asks her what happened at home. Prathna informs him that Deepti and Ashwin have left the house. Chirag is shocked by the news and quickly shares it with Susheela. Bapodhara arrives and inquires if Ashwin and Deepti went on a trip. Chirag confirms that they have left. Susheela emphasizes the importance of Pushpa having her son by her side during this time and requests Bapodhara to allow Chirag to go to Pushpa. Bapodhara enters the house, and Susheela signals Chirag to proceed.

Chirag meets Pushpa and tries to console her. He questions why she is punishing herself by punishing Ashwin. Pushpa explains that it is necessary for Ashwin to realize his mistake. She reminds Chirag that Ashwin is not alone and has the support of Deepti and her family.

Meanwhile, Juggal asks Rashi to assist him in preparing food for everyone. Rashi agrees, and they start cooking in the kitchen. Pushpa tells Chirag that Juggal’s efforts are helping her feel better. She advises Chirag to go to Bapodhara’s house but warns him not to trust him. Rashi compliments Juggal for being a supportive friend to Pushpa and expresses her wish for their father to be with them. She also mentions Pushpa’s search for a new place for Dileep.

Bapodhara decides to make Chirag lose the challenge, while Manish takes Deepti and Ashwin to his home. As Chirag is about to enter Bapodhara’s house, he is stopped by Bapodhara, who creates a scene. Pushpa and the others rush to the scene. Bapodhara makes derogatory comments about Chirag’s values, but Pushpa firmly asks him not to involve Chirag in the matters concerning Ashwin and Dileep. Bapodhara demands that Chirag divorce Prathna, leaving everyone shocked. Pushpa questions Bapodhara’s disrespectful behavior and demands an explanation. Bapodhara accuses Pushpa and Juggal of having an inappropriate relationship, claiming to have witnessed it.

Chirag confronts Bapodhara, expressing his disbelief at the way he spoke about Pushpa. The argument escalates into a physical altercation, resulting in Bapodhara falling down the stairs and getting injured. Everyone gathers around Bapodhara, concerned about his condition. Prathna urges him to go to the hospital, but Bapodhara blames Chirag for his injury, refusing to go until Prathna returns home. Chirag insists that it was an accident, but Bapodhara accuses him of intentionally causing harm. Prathna takes Bapodhara’s side and argues with Chirag, while Bapodhara expresses his concern for Prathna’s safety at Pushpa’s house and advises her to make a wise decision. The argument between Chirag and Prathna continues.

The episode concludes.

In the upcoming episode, the people from the sanatorium bring Dilip to the Chawl. Bapodara declares that Dilip will not be allowed to stay in the Chawl.

Precap – The sanatorium people bring Dilip to the Chawl. Bapodara says Dilip will not stay in this Chawl.


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