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Aangan Apno Kaa 14th December 2023 Written Update: Akash questions Pallavi

Aangan Apno Kaa 14th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Pallavi showing Jaydev a video of Tanvi’s vidaai ceremony. Jaydev becomes emotional while watching it, and Pallavi teases him for being emotional. They have a lighthearted moment together. Pallavi then asks Jaydev to delete her matrimonial site account and they agree. Jaydev also asks Pallavi about her opinion on Abhir, who is Tanvi’s brother-in-law. They share a joke about Jaydev still being stuck in his decision.

Meanwhile, Tanvi’s mother-in-law suggests that Tanvi should consider an alliance with Pallavi and her younger son, Abhir. Tanvi is shocked by this suggestion. Later, Tanvi overhears Rakesh calling for her help and she goes to assist him. Rakesh advises Tanvi to strengthen her relationship with her mother-in-law. Tanvi shares the proposal with Rakesh, but before she can tell Pallavi, their mother-in-law arrives and interrupts their conversation.

Pallavi calls her sisters and teases them while showing off some ice cream. Deepika scolds her for teasing them. Pallavi notices that Tanvi is worried and asks her about it. Before Tanvi can reveal the proposal, their mother-in-law arrives and the conversation is cut short. Pallavi receives a notification from work about her schedule, which upsets her. Deepika lightens the mood with a joke.

The next day, Pallavi complains to Ruchi on a call about their new boss while riding in an elevator. She insults her new boss, thinking he is a delivery guy. She also scolds a guy who intervenes, assuming he is just a random person. Later, Pallavi gets shocked when she realizes that the person she insulted is actually her new boss. He introduces himself as Akash and mocks Pallavi for failing to meet their client’s expectations. He gives her a chance to prove herself by baking a vegan cake.

Meanwhile, Jaydev visits Tanvi’s house and receives a warm welcome from Tanvi’s mother-in-law. Tanvi is worried because her mother-in-law proposes a marriage between Abhir and Pallavi, which shocks Jaydev. Pallavi calls Jaydev for help with the vegan cake and suggests that he leave Tanvi’s house. Jaydev tries to make an excuse to leave, but Tanvi’s mother-in-law insists on hearing his decision. Jaydev says that he doesn’t see a future for Abhir and Pallavi together, which upsets Pallavi.

Later, Pallavi tries to show off her vegan cake, but it falls on the floor, leaving her and Akash shocked.

In the upcoming episode, Pallavi decides not to accept an offer from Dubai, which angers Akash. Jaydev behaves rudely with Pallavi, leaving her saddened.


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