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Kavya 14th December 2023 Written Update: Adi gets a lead on Kavya

Kavya 14th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Kavya following a suspect whom she suspects of leaking department secrets. However, Kavya fails to get the guy to reveal his destination.

Meanwhile, Adi declines the idea of entering politics. Malini tries to persuade Adi to consider a political career, questioning his reasons for saying no. Adi explains that Kavya doesn’t want him to pursue politics, and Malini questions whether Adi values Kavya’s preferences over his father’s wishes. Adi responds by saying that Kavya inspires him and he wants to achieve something in life, just not in politics.

Kavya continues to trail the suspect, who ultimately leads her to a cold storage room. Inside, Kavya discovers blood on the floor and decides to investigate further.

Amanpreet tries to reach out to Kavya but fails to get a response. Concerned, she asks Sangram to call Kavya, but Kavya doesn’t answer the call.

Malini confronts Adi about his unwillingness to forgive Kavya. She urges him to choose between love and anger.

Meanwhile, the informant contacts his boss and reveals that Ashish has entered the cold storage room. He expresses concern that if Ashish talks to Kavya, it could lead to trouble.

To Kavya’s surprise, she finds Ashish in the cold storage room. She helps him out and asks him why he is there. Ashish explains that his friends died due to unlicensed liquor and when he tried to report it to the police, he was targeted by the culprits. Kavya decides to call for help but gets locked inside the cold storage room by the suspect.

The suspect calls his boss and assures him that he has taken care of Kavya, ensuring that nobody will find out anything.

Back at the office, Amanpreet asks Sangram to contact Mayank and inquire about Kavya’s whereabouts. Mayank is shocked to learn that Kavya has gone missing.

Kavya desperately calls for help from inside the cold storage room. Adi receives a call from Mayank informing him about Kavya’s disappearance and rushes to her office.

Gupta and Mishra ask Giriraj about Adi’s absence from the meeting. Giriraj suggests that Adi may be stuck in traffic and asks them to wait.

Adi arrives at Kavya’s office and asks Amanpreet about her whereabouts. Sangram suggests that Kavya may be working on unlicensed liquor stores and they decide to go there.

However, Adi receives a lead from an old woman outside the office who reveals that Kavya went to an old godown. Adi thanks the woman and informs Amanpreet that he knows where Kavya is. They quickly get into a vehicle to find her.

Meanwhile, Kavya continues to shout for help inside the cold storage room.

The episode ends with a preview of the next episode, where Kavya struggles to survive while Adi reaches the old godown and discovers the cold storage.


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