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Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 14th December 2023 Written Update: Reyansh’s vow worries Aradhana

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The latest episode begins with Reyansh entering the room where Aradhana is. Aradhana offers him a glass of milk but is surprised to see him there. Reyansh tells her that he knows her relationship with Jai will never be complete and that she will never be able to forget him. He questions her about the drama she is playing. Aradhana scolds him and mentions Jai’s name, but Reyansh interrupts and declares that he will make sure Aradhana realizes her mistake and comes back to him. Aradhana tells him to stick to his decision, but she will do the same. She even goes on to say that she won’t even remember him after he dies. Reyansh smirks and walks away, purposely stepping on the spilled milk on the floor. Aradhana tries to warn him, but Reyansh mocks her and leaves.

Shortly after, Jai enters the room. Aradhana apologizes to him and informs him about Reyansh’s visit and his challenge. She expresses her worry about Reyansh’s madness. Jai cleans up the mess on the floor and says that both of them should guide Reyansh onto the right path. Aradhana helps Jai with the cleaning. Reyansh watches them from outside and declares that he won’t let Jai and Aradhana change him. He believes that Jai is pretending to be good while trying to prove him as the bad person, but Reyansh won’t allow that to happen. He then leaves.

Jai tells Aradhana that their relationship is special because they are not only lovers but also friends. He reassures her that he is willing to accept her whenever she is ready. Aradhana feels uncomfortable and says she is tired and wants to go to bed. Jai helps her sleep but before leaving, he reveals that their wedding pheras were incomplete. He explains that he paid the priest to help with this and that he will respect whatever decision Aradhana makes. He realizes that Aradhana has already fallen asleep. Meanwhile, Reyansh drinks alcohol and vows not to let Jai and Aradhana live a happy life. He recalls Aradhana’s challenge and starts bombarding her with messages, voice notes, and calls.

The next day, Aradhana wakes up and is upset to see numerous missed calls and messages from Reyansh. She also finds a note with breakfast and assumes it’s from Reyansh, so she angrily throws the food away. Neeta arrives and questions Aradhana’s actions. Aradhana is surprised to learn that it was actually Jai who made breakfast for her. Neeta warns Aradhana, but Jai comes to her defense. Later, Aradhana has breakfast with the Khurana family. Neeta is upset with Jai’s business decision and taunts Aradhana. They discuss post-wedding rituals.

Aradhana goes to the Sahni household where Bhakti and Malini express their happiness and advise her to move on with her life. Meanwhile, Reyansh is seen in Aradhana’s society in a drunken state. Vikram pleads with him to accept Jai and Aradhana’s marriage, but Reyansh refuses. Pooja arrives and scolds Reyansh, leading to an argument between them. Vikram gets upset with both of them and shouts at them. Reyansh tells Aradhana that she has no choice but to see him.

In the upcoming episode, Reyansh will try to persuade Aradhana to meet him, but she refuses. Later, Aradhana will be shocked to learn about Reyansh’s accident during her post-wedding ritual.


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