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Aangan Apno Kaa 27th December 2023 Written Update: Rekha visits Pallavi in the hospital

Aangan Apno Kaa 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Aparna expressing her concern to Akash. She mentions that she doesn’t have a problem with Pallavi’s perspective, but she dislikes the way she expresses it. Aparna advises Akash not to develop any feelings for Pallavi. She also points out that Kusum does a lot of adjustments to manage household chores while she works outside. Aparna believes that a family should balance each other, and Pallavi may not fit into that dynamic. Akash reassures Aparna that he has no romantic feelings for Pallavi. He even asks her to inform him when they start searching for a bride for him. Aparna feels relieved by Akash’s confession, which surprises him. Aparna admits that she is relieved by this information.

In the hospital, Jaydev advises Pallavi about the importance of having a life partner. He shares his own experience with Aastha and how she has been significant in his life. Jaydev pleads with Pallavi to consider getting married. Meanwhile, Akash promises Aparna that he will accept a girl who can accept his family, especially Aparna. On the other hand, Pallavi confesses to Jaydev that she also wishes to have someone who can take care of her. However, she doesn’t want her partner to separate her from Jaydev. Deepika and Tanvi arrive at the hospital and tease Pallavi. Tanvi suggests that Pallavi wants a “Ghar Jamai” as her life partner. Pallavi sees this as an opportunity to stall her marriage and insists that she wants a “Ghar Jamai.” Jaydev argues with her but ultimately accepts her challenge to find a suitable life partner. Pallavi takes a selfie with Jaydev and her sisters, and she shares it on social media.

Meanwhile, Kusum complains to Aparna about Akash’s previous behavior. Aparna assures Kusum that she has the right to choose Akash’s life partner. This makes Kusum happy. Akash smiles when he sees Pallavi’s social media post and leaves a comment. Pallavi notices his comment and smiles while reading it at the hospital. Tanvi decides to return home, but then Rekha arrives. Rekha asks Pallavi about her health condition, and Rakesh also joins them. Tanvi becomes worried when Rekha indirectly taunts her for lying. Tanvi leaves with Rekha and Rakesh.

Both Deepika and Pallavi criticize Rekha, leading to Jaydev scolding them. He then goes to his house to prepare food for Pallavi. The nurse asks Pallavi to get ready for some tests, which Pallavi complains about. Deepika stays with Pallavi but refuses to answer her questions about her work. On the other hand, Rakesh tries to defend Tanvi’s actions to Rekha, but Rekha gets upset. She decides to return home in a different car, not with Rakesh. Tanvi gets upset with Rakesh, and he scolds her for not being brave before leaving for the office.

Akash impresses a client with his explanation of a plan and suddenly senses an earthquake. Pallavi sees the news about the earthquake and gets worried, remembering Jaydev’s fear. Deepika also feels the earthquake, and even Tanvi struggles on the road. Jaydev senses the earthquake and goes to the store room to protect himself. Pallavi tries calling Jaydev, but he doesn’t answer, causing her to worry.

In the upcoming episode, Akash will skip the house puja to spend time with Pallavi, which upsets Aparna. Later, Aparna learns that Akash has lost his job and confronts him about whether Pallavi is the reason behind it. Akash admits it, which angers Aparna.


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