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Agnisakshi 10th October 2023 Written Update: Jeevika plots against Rajnandini

Agnisakshi 10th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Juhi apologizing to Shlok for causing him trouble and then leaving. Jeevika tries to follow her, but Rajnandini informs her that Juhi has gone to her relative’s house. Rajnandini advises Jeevika not to waste her time on Juhi, whom she refers to as a drama queen. Later, Jeevika tells Satvik that everything is going well, and Rajnandini asks Jeevika to make tea for her, admitting that Jeevika is good at it. However, when Rajnandini tastes the tea, she finds it bitter and insults Jeevika, challenging her to kick her out of the house within the next three days. Jeevika remains calm and tells Rajnandini that she won’t waste her time on her. Rajnandini realizes that Jeevika won’t be easily defeated and contemplates how to get rid of her. She accuses Jeevika of poisoning her tea and calls for a doctor.

In the ensuing commotion, Rajnandini pushes Jeevika, but Satvik intervenes. Narayanan arrives, and Rajnandini accuses Jeevika of adding poison to her tea. Jeevika denies the allegation, but Latha insists on calling a doctor. Satvik offers to take Rajnandini to the hospital, and Jeevika feels relieved. Jeevika expresses her surprise at Rajnandini framing her, and Narayanan apologizes to Jeevika on Rajnandini’s behalf. Latha feels ignored and complains that no one listens to her. Jeevika confronts Rajnandini, saying that it’s time for her to face the consequences of her actions. Rajnandini used to manipulate everyone in the house with her lies, but Jeevika won’t let her get away with it anymore.

Rajnandini confides in Sundari, warning her to be cautious around Jeevika, who she describes as fiery and hateful. Later, Rajnandini encounters Jeevika on the stairs and questions her presence. Jeevika explains that she came to get a drink of water but expresses her anger towards Rajnandini for her actions against the family. Rajnandini accuses Jeevika of lying and playing tricks on her. Jeevika responds by saying it’s time to reveal the truth and asks if Rajnandini remembers pushing her off a cliff. Jeevika suggests that she could do the same by pushing Rajnandini off the stairs. She then pushes Rajnandini off the stairs and walks away with a smirk.

Adaya comes to Rajnandini’s aid, and Jeevika questions what happened to her. Rajnandini blames Jeevika for pushing her, but Latha scolds her. Satvik defends Jeevika, stating that he was with her and never expected Rajnandini to frame Jeevika out of hatred. Jeevika manipulates the situation to make it seem like Rajnandini is at fault. Utkarsh questions Jeevika’s motives, but Satvik stands up for her and scolds Utkarsh for supporting Rajnandini. Jeevika confides in Satvik, who offers her support and motivation.

The episode ends with Rajnandini pointing a gun at Jeevika.


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