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Agnisakshi Upcoming Story: Rajnandini fears the worst

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Colors TV’s popular show Agnisakshi is preparing for more drama. Rajnandini has created a misunderstanding between Satvik and Jeevika. However, secretly, Jeevika is helping Satvik complete his project. It will be interesting to see what unfolds in the future episodes.

In the previous episode, Satvik contemplated exposing Rajnandini, but Utkarsh destroyed the evidence. He revealed that he was married to Ritima, Rajnandini’s older sister, who is currently in his custody. Utkarsh shared that Rajnandini seeks revenge for her parents’ death and blames him for Savithri’s demise. Rajnandini also discloses that she couldn’t become a mother due to Utkarsh’s medical condition and accuses Jeevika of having problems from the start.

Satvik is taken aback by Rajnandini’s numerous complaints about Jeevika. He questions whether these complaints are recent or if Rajnandini has always been critical of everyone. Satvik had hoped that Rajnandini would think well of the family. Later, Jeevika reveals to Satvik that Rajnandini had attempted to kill her.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Jeevika offering Rajnandini a cup of coffee. Rajnandini questions Jeevika about her previous threat of throwing her out of the house within seven days. Jeevika responds by saying that if she were to send her away, Rajnandini would eventually return to the family. Therefore, Jeevika decided to eliminate her from this world forever by adding poison to her coffee. Rajnandini becomes frightened.

What will happen next? How will Satvik react when Jeevika leaves him? Will Satvik uncover the truth?

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