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Agnisakshi 9th October 2023 Written Update: Juhi disappointed with Rajnandini

Agnisakshi 9th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode kicks off with Utkarsh revealing to Satvik that Rajnandini harbors a vendetta. She is the daughter of the doctor responsible for Savithri’s death. Rajnandini accuses Narayan of humiliating her father, leading to his license cancellation and subsequent suicide. Ritima, in love with Utkarsh, discovers Narayanan is his father, adding complexity to their relationships. Although Utkarsh insists on his innocence, Rajnandini seeks revenge on the Bhosle family.

As tensions rise, Utkarsh justifies Rajnandini’s father’s fate, blaming him for Savithri’s death. However, Rajnandini is relentless in her pursuit of vengeance. Threatening Utkarsh’s life, she forces him to bring her into the family home. In a shocking revelation, Ritima intervenes, becoming a target herself.

Jeevika questions Utkarsh’s decision, demanding to know Ritima’s whereabouts. Utkarsh, clueless about Ritima’s location, expresses regret. Satvik, deeply hurt, feels betrayed for blindly trusting Ritima. Jeevika assures him that Ritima will face consequences, but Satvik is determined to punish her. Utkarsh, fearing for Ritima’s safety, stops Satvik, highlighting the potential harm Rajnandini may inflict.

Rajnandini, learning the truth, loses control and threatens violence. Ritima’s sudden appearance further escalates the confrontation. Despite Satvik’s anger, Jeevika urges him to consider the risk to Ritima’s life. Satvik regrets his hasty decisions and acknowledges Rajnandini’s deceit.

As emotions run high, Rajnandini reveals her intention to ruin the family. Juhi confronts her for lying about Ritima’s death and demands they meet. Rajnandini disowns Juhi, claiming she chose Utkarsh over them.

Manipulative tactics emerge as Latha attempts to influence Narayanan. Rajnandini supports Latha’s claims, revealing her infertility due to Utkarsh’s medical condition. Satvik, shocked by Latha’s revelations, questions her sudden complaints about Jeevika. Narayanan, disturbed by the unfolding drama, advises Satvik to be cautious with his words.

In a tense moment, Satvik vents his frustrations to Jeevika, accusing her of hiding truths. Jeevika discloses that Rajnandini was aware of her infertility before the marriage, intensifying the family’s strife. Satvik, consumed by anger, contemplates drastic measures.

As the episode concludes, Jeevika issues a grave threat to Rajnandini, setting the stage for further confrontations.

Precap: Jeevika intensifies her threats against Rajnandini in the upcoming episode.


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